Alkaline and Alkalinity are things we should be fully aware of. It is how we can best insure our bodies and health to be strong against disease, fatigue and cellular damage. Cell damage isn’t all about disease, it is also about aging faster than we should be. Or in our case, seeing aging happen slower because of the right Alkaline choices in foods and supplements.

With Your Health:

Have you heard of living Alkaline? This is where you eat foods that help your body function better. What is living alkaline? 

The alkaline lifestyle for living. This involves eating less acidic foods (wherever possible really) and more alkaline (less acidic) foods

The reason for eating alkaline foods is simple: 

It will help correct your body’s unbalanced pH levels. Thereby improving digestion, immunity, metabolism, and so much more.  We have found this to be incredible, and have an information page about it located in our Health & Fitness Category.

There are several helpful tools and information on living this way, as well as incredible supplements to take to help live this way. See our Article Located Here on more details. Let’s List some benefits of Living Alkaline (These are in addition to that Article) and the more we look into this, the more it makes sense. 

Benefits of Living Alkaline: 

Because Alkaline foods and choices tend to be low in fat and calories it is naturally promoting a healthy body weight. Also lowering heart disease risk factors. And because it means limiting red meats (not eliminating) that also contributes to better factors and heart health. 

With increasing alkalinity in your body, it is said to increase your overall health while reducing your risk of chronic disease. If your body is more acidic, or in an acidic state than a neutral one; you are putting yourself at risk of contracting chronic illnesses, weight gain, teeth and gum problems. And pain and inflammation increases with being acidic. 

Where Foods and Food Groups Fall on the pH Scale: 

Keep in mind, it will make logical sense to what we have been hearing for decades. Sometimes though, seeing it helps to understand more. And its not about not enjoying life. We get it, we are foodies. It is about being smart about it.  

So when you are eating a tasty burger, you can be okay with it if you are balancing out your alkalinity in steady habits. Start your day out right. Make great choices from the morning forward. With the right supplements too, your body has what it needs to adjust your pH as you enjoy foods that are acidic.  

Salads are always a good idea. And help to balance out that Red Meat. The more you understand this, the better your choices will become. And you will see as we did why Grandma’s Meal’s were more balanced than we realized. At least in my Grandma’s house. Salad, beef, potatoes, and those lemon water (instead of soda) and olive oil dressings.  

The body’s optimal pH is 7.36, which is just barely alkaline. So as we have learned, eating and drinking alkaline helps the body to do what it needs to do to stay alkaline. Otherwise it will rob from our body to become alkaline. Robbing from bones, cells and more. Allowing for disease and decay to occur. AGING will happen even faster when we are not alkaline based.  In other words… living Alkaline is living better, We know it, and we are sharing it constantly now.

We take supplements that help us to be alkaline and more healthy. See them in our Health & Fitness Category to the left of this Article.