Anthony Powell endorses Marketing Is Freedom

Anthony Powell endorses Marketing Is Freedom. When it comes to the understanding of Marketing and how it can be the most powerful method to help anyone from any walk of life achieve Time and Financial Freedom, it is no surprise that Anthony Powell endorses Marketing Is Freedom. Marketing is Freedom is a book authored by the Marketing and Sales mind of Rory Ricord.

Rory and Anthony have been in a working circle from the 1990’s. Literally since 1992 as they met through Marketing and Communications combined in what has become a winning combination for years. Sharing the same truths, understandings, and mentorships from some of the greatest in the Industries of Direct Sales and Leadership.

Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell, an already accomplished Author and Speaker, has been a Mentor to Rory Ricord for some time. Though the current business directions of both men is only proof that we do have circular paths, and that they cross correctly when timing and direction are both right. This has more meaning to Rory Ricord than known by most, and it is with great supporting knowledge that we can safely say, there was key shaping in many things due to the example and integrity pushed forward by Anthony Powell into Rory’s life.

It is said that Anthony’s endorsement came with no hesitation and with a huge smile and glowing aura. Seeing a proud influence in shared direction and thought is a special moment. So when reading the endorsement to the book Marketing is Freedom by Anthony Powell, know that the meaning and sentiments behind it are incredible.

Also if you are ever in the joint presence of these two men, listen sharply and take notes. They tend to radiate even more when they are sharing the space with others.

Questions and Answers

Q: What projects do Rory Ricord and Anthony Powell work on together?

A: There are several in the works at most times. Of note, Wine Ambassador and things connected with this incredible venture are made possible by both these Men. Also, the Anthony Powell endorses Marketing Is Freedom title says another, as Anthony Powell is connected through many aspects with Rory Ricord and his path.

Q: What is one thing in common that Rory Ricord and Anthony Powell share that is unique?

A: Probably their access to being with Jim Rohn when he was alive. Both were travelled with Jim Rohn to several continents and many opportunities to be counselled and directed by the great Jim Rohn.

If you were to break bread with Rory and Anthony, you’d be in for a treat. They are both into food, wines (Fine Wines only) and have an incredible library of life stories. They can be seen sharing of their insights and love of helping others. Both are generous and loyal to faults. May you gain that opportunity should the moment arise.