Anthony Powell the Legend

Sometimes the best way to show your gratitude to someone is well, just to say it; so this is dedicated to Anthony Powell the Legend. I am writing this away from many things I had initially intended. I have had a truly blessed life. One could say I’ve already lived several lives within this very one. And I have a whole lot of living left to do here.

For me, shaping the way I would be able to help others came from many. All with their part. Today I get to do something; I get to tie in my life with an extraordinary Legend. And while many legends become legends after their work here on Earth is done; Anthony is here and still making it happen for others.

Anthony Powell the Legend

Also, it takes a lot to impress me. We literally live in a World of Fake Everything. And to stand out is literally as easy as just doing what you say you will do. Being honorable and a Man or Woman of your Word is enough to stand out. I am also being someone politically correct because it is SUPER rare to find a Man in this Industry of Direct Marketing, Direct Sales and Direct “Working with the Dreams and Goals of Others” to be with Integrity. In my experience Dream Peddlers are mainly Men. Women by my lived Stats are more Honest in General then Men. So when I say that it is rare to find someone in a high success, proven success, self made success to be with Integrity; it to me is as Rare as it gets. I’d almost call it a Dragon in the Modern World.

Anthony Powel is Integrity

There are Circles in our lives. These are paths that cross time and time again. We all live in a circular path, and as necessary our paths cross and become the same.

If you are ever in a situation where your Circles in Life become in the same path with a Man such as Anthony Powell, you better listen. Open up your ears, your mind and even your life force to be inspired. Anthony will share and give, and emit Truth that inspires. This is a RARE gift to all that allow it into their lives.

From the Moment I met Anthony I knew he was one of those. One of those with the Gift to lead and support others to Greatness. One of those that would openly take the very gifts and success provided and pay it forward to teach others how to share in the Glory that we all deserve.

See, it takes one to know one. Those that are, know how to see the real deal in those that are also; the REAL DEAL

Actions speak all. Words are cheap as it gets. Promises with words mean nothing until the actions support it and validate it. Then when the very actions of proof do not stop year by year, decade by decade… the very PROOF OF INTEGRITY is CEMENTED in and become LEGENDARY.

Finding one’s purpose in life is a truly freeing situation. And the purpose of life for a true Leader of Men; well let me personally share with you all what that truly means.

See, you realize that you were given certain gifts and understanding. You literally wake up each and every day with:

  • Grit and the understanding that you HAVE TO carry the GRIT for those that cannot do it themselves for as much as they allow you too.
  • Selflessness as the cost of being the fall guy when people quit on themselves. And the fortitude and love to forgive and be an open door for when they come back to apologize with the willingness to get back up and go at it again.
  • Issues with being there to support your loved Students of your known and shared Truths; it comes with heavy sacrifices from your personal life. Make it so your partners in life have to share you with the World. You cannot help but to be there for the people you love that are becoming their deserved vessels of Success and Growth.

Anthony Powell the Legend

See Truth and Knowledge are Powerful. They are the means to happiness in all manners of life. When you are willing to share and guide others with the Truth and Knowledge that only a few truly understand; you become Larger than Life. You can get lost in the service of others to a degree that is beyond most understanding. Again, I understand because it takes one to know one.

When I realized that Anthony Powell had grown in the time our circles were in other directions; I became even more Impressed with this Man I consider “Integrity” to the Word. He had learned more about balance in all things.

Again, it takes one to know one. And what it means is that when he speaks, it is every word, and everything around the words you need to take in. Finding a balance in all aspects and joys of life, its incredible; but not easy. Heck, if it was easy everyone would be doing it right?

I am forever grateful that Anthony Powell the Legend (who is a Legend in LIFE in the HERE and NOW) is a friend, a confidant, and someone I will always be thrilled to share the business table with.

If he is involved, you better listen.

-Rory Ricord

OH…. yeah, I think I better share some stories about Anthony.

I have always called him Anthony. Its how I was introduced back in the 1990’s to him. Many call him AP. Some call him AVP. Respect earned comes with Gratitude Trophies.

I believe I “GETTADOIT” here shortly and I’ll update this Gratitude Page after I do. What gift of gratitude do you give the Man who has EVERYTHING and has already proven that anyone can rise from the dirt to greatness with sheer will, Grit, and skills learned along the way?

For me, it would be the Gift Equal to the Celebration of decades of Building a Better Me to be a Better Servant Leaders to others. For me I always do what I would want others to do to me. The golden rule.

What could that possibly be? (TO BE UPDATED AFTER NOVEMBER 11th, 2020).

What Makes a Worthy Gift of Gratitude for Anthony Powell the Legend?