Bass Turtles

We have found an incredible lure that we call bass turtles. They are turtles that when used in fishing gain the attention of the Bass out of protection mode. This means they will attack and bite at the turtles in self defense. Turtles are a predator in their home waters looking to eat their eggs. So when they see the turtle lures, that we call bass turtles, they attack them. This is a way to increase the fun, the action and the experience of the fishing.

There are fish species other than Bass that are known to attack these Bass Turtle Lures. This is a lure that any angler or fisherman/fisherwoman should have in their tackle box. It very well may be the unknown secret they are missing in their fishing life.

that ferociously strike and consume baby turtles in the wild…even when they are not hungry Turtles are the natural enemy of bass and other fresh and saltwater fish, because turtles love to eat their eggs. Since these fish species cannot attack adult turtles, they instinctively strike out at baby turtles as a self-defense mechanism.

Did you know: Turtles are a natural enemy of bass and other fresh and saltwater fish because turtles consistently prey on fish eggs! Since fish can’t attack adult turtles, they instinctively strike baby turtles as a self-defense mechanism.

Some Questions/Answers for using these lures include:

What hook should we use with these Bass Turtle Lures?

We recommend a wide or extra wide 3-4 weighted gap hook, regular offset worm hook or straight shank hook.

Why do these Work as Lures work for bass, fresh water fish and saltwater fish?

They work because Turtles are the natural enemy; constantly preying on their fish eggs. They are the enemy to the next generations of fish and therefore the adult fish by instinct and survival look to attack the turtles.

Are these bass turtle lures ready to fish straight out of the box? Or do they need to be set up with a hook into them before use?

Because these can be used with various hooks for various purposes; they will need to be set up prior to use. On the back of the packaging you will see easy step by step instructions to do so. Also it is recommended that you use a wide or extra wide 3-4 weighted gap hook. Or a regular offset worm hook; or straight shank hook.

Very versatile on the options of hooks really. And you can have them set up and ready to go before you head out to the lake, river, or ocean. These are something that make for a great “in case of” option.

I can see it now, you are out fishing with a bobber, and your usual bait. Nothing is biting. You start to see them jump a bit, but they are not taking your bait. Not the worms, not the shiny new lures you are trying, nothing.

So you drop in a Bass Turtle and draw it in. Now you have a predator in their waters. Let’s see what fun is about to begin shall we?