best tailgating game

You have to see this; it is literally the best tailgating game ever. It is something any and all sports fans will have to have. Not only is this the perfect way to bring and share time together, but its actually incredibly FUN. While it was created for tailgating fun, it is just a perfect all around game and way to enjoy sports with all ages.

Best Tailgating Game:

This is a must have for tailgating. As well as to have while you are at your son’s or daughter’s little league game. While you wait or during half-time. Looking for something to do after you watch your Dallas Cowboys destroy the Eagles? Yeah buddy!!! Get the guys out back and get a game going. (See the Rules Below)

This is the only football game that is on the market. And it is a truly MUST HAVE for all. It allows for skill, as well as speed and accuracy, yet also allows for all ages and skill levels to enjoy. Check it out:

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Get Your Set Here.

And do not forget about the Gift Giving. There is not a soul that loves Sports that would not want this incredible Game. The chairs are actual. So its dual purpose. You will be seeing these around the parks and schools of the World.

The beach, the park, the schools, the backyards and even at the Churches! This is the Game we have been waiting for to bring us all together again! For church groups, school groups, P.E. Class, and neighborhood play time. This is a game that will keep kids of all ages focused on the fun. The scoring is easy and the rules come with each kit. Though I had to put them down below. It helps you get the idea.

From the backyards to the fieldhouse, this is an incredible and well built way to enjoy the fun. It is the absolute best tailgating game on the Planet. We found it, and we are here sharing it with you now. GET IT ALREADY!

These Rules were LITERALLY given to me by Michael Silva over a Zoom Call on 7.10.2021. Verbatim. While they come in the kits, this is seriously going to get your mind going. You will be waiting by your door for your set to arrive. Call the family over, call the guys over. Get the Girls together. And play!

RULES of the GAME:

  • Set the chairs up 40 feet apart (suggested and based on skill). For you PRO’s, take it out a bit.
  • Teammates play on the same side. Play 1 on 1 up to 4 on 4. You can weight out the sides as you see fit. 1 on left, 3 on right for example. Maintaining at least 1 on each side for 2 or more sized teams.


  • Throw into basket for Touchdown 6 points
  • Throw and hit any part of the chair, including the uprights is 3 points (Completion)
  • DEFENSE: If the defending team catches the ball after the bounce (must hit the chair first – and cannot be a caused deflection by the defense) they can take a knee for 3 points. Or risk it and return the ball back. If they return the ball, the Defense can come to play and where they 2 hand touch are downed they get to throw the ball towards the chair for points. 1 Attempt.

If playing 2 on 2, 3 on 3, or 4 on 4 the Offense and Defense can come to play. Blocking or lateral pitches are in play.


  • Kick the ball from the T. If you get through the uprights its 1 point. If it lands in the bucket its called a “FITZ”. And it is instant WIN for the kicking team. GAME OVER.
  • If the KICK is wide right or wide left, it becomes in play. Defense can catch and return. (Same rules for Interception Return above).

WINNING TEAM: Must score 54 to win. Once a team hits 54 points, they have to win by 2 points. Once hitting winning amount, the other team (if within 7 points)


If you are under by more than 8 points. You can step back the manner of steps back equal to how many points you are behind. If you make it into the bucket, you win and are to be carried off in screams as if in the Movie “RUDY”.

This incredible, unique, and truly best tailgating game ever was brought to you by Mike and Frank Silva. We call them the Silva Brothers. Because we were connected by a fellow Football Loving Fan; we have been in touch constantly. Furthermore, we have been enjoying their great sense of humors and their passion for getting all of us to play and enjoy this awesome twist on Football. Because this is super fun; We cannot thank them enough, and the entertainment value is by far one of the best in all things sports. The hours of fun is endless. These are built so well, they will last lifetimes. And will be sure to be a hit for so many occasions.

Let’s see us all playing together – and be sure to share on Social Media. This is a riot! Not to mention the best form of Turkey Ball for everyone to participate in. And it can be done all the time, and almost anywhere thanks to this incredible and portable solution for fun.

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