best wine opener and wine accessories

When it comes to the best wine opener it is not just one that works for everyone. There are a variety of uses and occasions where the best tool may not be your standard wine opener.

best wine opener

Examples and their Use will be explained here below. Because we are wine snobs, we know a thing or two about wine openers, and accessories. So let’s enjoy the time here to explain and give you use examples. Furthermore, know that we found the Single Best Location to buy these incredible gadgets. See them all here.

Various Types of Wine Openers and Accessories:

The Traditional Corkscrew: From the hard to use corkscrew with a simple handle (hurts your hand every time) to the Waiter Corkscrew that allows a great “pop” when you use it, these are available anywhere. We are not as fond of them once we discovered the power of electric wine openers. Pretty much changed the game for us. No more broken corks on our watch, and it is an impressive and fun way to open wine every time. You literally can watch your guests smile grow as the cork emerges from the bottle.

Electric Corkscrew: These are incredible. They are available in different sizes and durability. Great for travel and use anywhere. They go on, crank out the cork, and then release the cork, and are ready again instantly. These just make opening a bottle fun and enjoyable. We recommend having a few on hand. They are fun to travel with, and if entertaining, you may want to have 2 or 3 handy to keep up with the wine demand.

best wine opener

Aerator/Pourer: Aerating your Red Wines is always a good idea. While Decanting your Reds is best, Aerating is good when Decanting is not practical. If you are hosting a party, it is hard to keep up with the 3o minutes to an hour of decanting time between each bottle. It is also something that may not be time available. Meaning you are set for dinner, and forgot to decant the wine. No problem, aerate it and get going with the Food and Wine. These have been made to be pourers that allow you to easily pour from the bottle with the press of a finger instead of tipping the bottle. So bougie right?

Wine Bottle Stopper: These are great to hold in the wine and stop oxygen from changing the wine before you can consume it. This is great for short term storage. Like hours, or into the following day. Anything longer, you want to utilize the vacuum sealers.

Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer: This is a must have for those with the will power, or Doctor’s orders to have 1 glass of Red a night. You can pour a great glass of wine, and be sure to keep the integrity and taste value in tact for the following day. And the day after that, and the day after that.

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