Big Tech is Bad for your Medical Records

Big Tech is Bad for your Medical Records. If you are using any wearable or program for tracking your Health and Medica Data beware!

Welcome to Inpersona and Helo where the Web 3.0 World and our Health Data being protected and utilized across the blockchain happen.

Here is a quick overview! Then let’s get you started just below this presentation:

Do not let Big Tech control and release you unprotected Health Data! Our sovereignty (our privacy of our information) has been open sourced and available to the highest bidder. But we have a solution for the globe. It is Inpersona and the Helo Devices.

Inpersona and Helo

Now let’s get you going with your own Helo Device and the ability to not only control your Health Data but be in a position to benefit from it. And the healthier we become the more we can gain in rewards from the Socialfi and Healthfi aspects of this brilliant wave of the future.

This information is also up to date and available on the Inpersona.Com Page Here

Firstly; This begins with you downloading the Free Inpersona App from the Apple iStore or Google Play Store:

Get it on Apple Here:

Get it on Google Play Here:

This is a major Application. And works with the incredible Wearable Tech to Monitor Your Health constantly. This is life enhancing, life saving and all of it secured. Protected with the Blockchain Technologies and Web 3.0. As a Result; This is our Medical Future.

Secondly; Now that you have the App, set up a New Account after you “Run” or “Open” the app. Set up your account. And from here you will need an “INVITE CODE” which is available by us or anyone connected to the Inpersona App already:


Because we are sharing this and growing this incredible wave of the future that not only solves a huge series of issues with our Health Data Sovereignty. Below are Invite Codes that are available. Start at the top and move down until you find one that is available. (We are constantly updating this list and we made other pages available with additional codes):

Enter in The Code when it asks for your Invitation Code: Or until they are taken. We are updating them often.


Or this one


Or this one


Or this one


Or this one


Or this one


Or this one


Here is another to try. Furthermore; we will be adding more. So if this one doesn’t work, there is one more and then you will need to contact us!

Or Visit the Following Articles that Will Have Additional Codes Available.

This is something that everyone should be connected too. And we are spreading the word through all avenues. This is a way to help better the entire World. Be sure to get in contact with us should you wish to be a part of spreading this Information to Others.

This technology and what it means to quality of life is incredible. NOTED:

  • Have the most amazing sensors available to track your medical conditions in real time. Same as if you went into the Doctor’s Office. Only Available on your Wrist.
  • Be able to know your aging loved ones’ conditions through the App. When they wear the tech and have it running with our apps you can see where they are at all times. And there is even the ability to be notified should things fall out of range. This is life saving technologies.
  • Because of the Blockchain, and the Web 3.0 aspects, this is also a way to create Income Streams. We are powering the Cryptocurrency Aspect of this process through our Heartbeat. The more we use this, the more we are mining cryptocurrency. This has its rewards. And the more we share this, and grow in our SocialFi process, the more we can earn.

If we have not been updating fast enough, then be sure to contact us.

  • EMAIL by replying to our email system (Register to the Right). And know we are available to get with you and help you with this important “Life Enhancement”.
  • FACEBOOK (GO HERE), and be sure to FOLLOW me. Then you can communicate with me directly there as well. Just be patient if it takes me a couple of days. We are growing fast!
  • Instagram (GO HERE), or you can call us at the RRR247 Support Line at 1-877-310-5353. And you can connect with our awesome Instructors for guidance and getting going as well. See more about our online community here:

Thirdly; Now you need to set up your Crypto Wallet within the Inpersona App.

This will be creating the Wallet to which your Rewards as paid out in USDV token will be realized (This is CASH FOLKS). There is more to this amazing Cryptocurrency World, and we will be training and offering education about this Awesome new Future for us all. Sovereignty and Earning on the MACRO Values we Create with our Health Data. Yes, this is AWESOME!

  • This will be something you will be walked through within the App. 4 Simple Steps. That include setting up your passphrases (for securing your Wallet) so be ready to take notes. These are things you want to take down and store for future need. Be sure to keep them safe. You lose those and you lose your Wallet. The value of your Wallet is created with the Use and Wear of your Device and the Data NFT (covered below) that it is attached to.

There are 3 Options for Setting up Your Wallet:

  • OPTION 1 (SET UP YOUR NEW WALLET) this is what you want to do. Recommending you create a NEW WALLET so it is set up for your use with inPersona.
  • Options 2 and 3 involve importing your existing wallets. If you know this, you don’t need this walk through. Though we recommend setting up a new wallet to everyone we work with.

Fourthly; Select your Level of NFT. This is where some explanation is in order. An NFT is used to store the actual Sovereign Data. Here is a Presentation on our NFT process: (A Must Watch):

When you are looking at the NFT, and you have an understanding of what and how this all works, the higher the NFT Level the more MINING and the MORE you have to Gain with this Process.


  1. From your Inpersona App select the “GLOBE” which is on the bottom part of your Screen.
  2. You’ll be presented with a “Decentralized” Web Browser within the app. Or you can go to the NFT Marketplace.
  3. If you are an Apple User you will need to type in and then hit the “GO” Button. If you are an Android User (we got you) and the is already for you. Just hit the “Go Button”.
  4. This will take you to the NEXT Page. This will show you what NFTs are available for you to get. There are several options. See “EXTENSION OF #4 Above. NFT’s Available” below this list.
  5. Select your NFT. Again, the higher the level, the better it performs in the Mining Process.

Note. You can start small and build up or “Upgrade”. Just get going.

  1. After you Select your NFT you will be walked through the Purchase Process. NOTE: If you need help with this aspect, please see TROUBLESHOOTING below. When we are working in the Crypto World, there may be specifics that are necessary based upon where you live and the financial tools (Credit Cards or Crypto) that you have at your disposal. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO FORGET IT AND MOVE ON, it is a time to engage and learn. This is not anything you want to miss out on.
  2. Once you complete your NFT Purchase, it is time to get your Helo Device to connect to the NFT. You will see your NFT (after it is minted) in your Inpersona Home Page. NOTE: If you do not see it, you may need to change your “CHAIN” to Vyvo Smart Chain, Polygon, or Binance Smart Chain (or other depending on where you are located). For instance, I am on the Polygon chain with my Level 3 NFT.
  3. From Inpersona, an email will be generated and sent to you. This will contain your “Free Voucher” code for your device. Which can be received at This is all spelled out in the email.

EXTENSION OF #4 Above. NFT’s Available:

  • HealthFi Data Mining Pool Kit: This gets you set up and gives you the ability to have 4 Seed Accounts. These are accounts that are extension to the Mining Process. Perfect solution for a Family. Comes with a Data NFT Level 2. 90% Efficience, Max Datablocks of 24 in a 1 hour Frequency. You will be able to pick up a HELO Device. And you will want to purchase additional ones for the SEED accounts. You can order a savings pack of these within the HELO SHOP. You can access that from your app. Left of NFT Marketplace in your DApp Browser on your Inpersona App.
  • HealthFi Data Mining Kit: This is where you gain options and different pricing for these options. The more you want to be involved in the Mining the larger the Level of NFT you will want. This is where you can begin (always can buy up and upgrade though limited) and get started. inPersona Data NFT – Basic. This is for use with those that want the Service but are not concerned about the Mining as much, nor the aspect of building the Community. $35 and you are set with an NFT to store your data and be a part of the Process. inPersona Data NFT – Level 1. This will allow you to mine more and is better than the Basic. $249. inPersona Data NFT – Level 2. This is better than the Level 1 as it is more efficient in mining and allows you to produce more Crypto than a Level 1. $749.

In Addition; there are some Special things available:

  • inPersona Founders Pack: This is by Voucher Only. They are no longer available for purchase. Though ways to earn them may be available. This is a Level 3 Data NFT. Mining more than a Level 2.
  • inPersona Data NFT Upgrade: This give you a voucher to upgrade. From basic to Level 1. From Level 1 to Level 2. $500. Making it something people can aspire and build up to. When you see how this works, this will be awesome for those that started off with a Basic or Level 1.

Then We Have Additional Mining Options Made Available:

  • Seed Feature: This is for Data NFTs with Level 2 or above. It can only be applied once to a single NFT. And allows the Seed Process to be extended with your Data NFT. $350. This is most likely something you will learn about as you attend training. It is also something that can be added. If you like and know about this feature you will most likely want to enter with the HealthFi Data Mining Pool Kit as explained above.
  • Subhosting NaaS Vsc Validator Node 1 Year service: This is incredible. You will need 400,000 VSC Coins. This service begins when there are 1000 Validator Nodes in operation. This is building now. APR 44%. If you want more information on this, get going and get to training.

Fifthly; It is time to get your Helo Device Activated. This will be ordered and sent to you (as explained above). Once you receive the Device (it is mailed out to you promptly) you will activate it within your App. All of this is sent to you with explicit and simple step by step instructions.

  • Then its wear and earn. And as you can, Share this process with others, using your Invite Codes from your Hub Consoles as part of the NFT Process.
  • When ordering your Device, use PROMO CODE: INP817462427 (So you can get 10% savings from me to you).


  • If you have any issues at all, we have a full on team to support this. Not to mention the internal support teams with Inpersona and Helo are incredible. Submit tickets from the Inpersona APP itself even. However; That being said by registering to the RIGHT you will be entered into our EMAIL System. You can reply directly to us at anytime and we will promptly get in touch to help and assist you. As a Result we can ensure you are getting everything done correctly. Furthermore; And we are always all about that.
  • Above All; Know that we are here to Assist, Grow and Build with our Online Community. There are so many resources available. Because we know that education is vital; we have training and access to everything you need to learn and be a part of this.
  • In Addition; There is a lot of Opportunity within our Online Community. Because of what we have built in almost 2 decades now; we can truly assist anyone willing to receive the help and support.


There is so much that is available to us, our health to the Health of those we Love:

With the Inpersona and Helo Devices we are now able to monitor our Health 24/7 and 365! All of the time. And while this is key as we need it in our older years, it is also vital to maintain our health in our “younger years”. This is preventative and real time monitoring for all of us. Not just the super rich anymore, but for the world. And we are a part of it.

Here are some key things that become better with the Inpersona App and Helo Devices:

  • We can see how a glass a day of Premium Fine Wine (Red for instance) helps our Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Energy and Stress. How? Because we can see real results after 1 glass a night over a months time. We can chart it! See it. And Benefit from it. Though make sure you are drinking a true fine wine. We only drink Wines From Here.
  • Also, when it comes to our Health, and taking Vitamins and Nutritional Products. We can see how our vitals improve and change today, tomorrow and over time. So when we find our Bio-Hacking Products (You should already be taking these) and we see results in Weight Loss, great! But we can also see how our vitals improve over time and the use of the products. We Highly Recommend These Bio-Hacking Products. Better Life!
  • We now can have a way to see our Elderly Loved Ones and how they are doing all of the time. Without a Doctor in the House. We have tools should they need help or emergency assistance. It is all a part of the Helo Devices and Inpersona App. We can also keep an eye on them from day to day, and be in preventative mode. Think how quality and distance of life can be altered based upon the Science and Data this provides. This is LIFE CHANGING. Because this is about bettering our time here for sure.

We know there is so much more. And the more data is available, the more cures and hope of cures for many diseases can be helped in curing. It is all about the data.

The Data holds the key. Furthermore; We can do it in a way that protects our Health Data individually. Welcome to the Future of Health.

We are here to make the World a Better Place. And while hopes and prayers are effective; nothing beats true Resources applied to the Hopes and Prayers. CONTACT US for more details and to become a larger part of the “Pay It Forward” Online Community that we are all about.