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Welcome to a Blockchain education on what I consider (and many others) to what is WEB 3.0 and its all here because of Blockchain Innovation. Within RRR247 we are focused on marketing things to the World that are impactful. As a result we bring things to the Market Place that are relevant and that improve life.

NOTE: This is training that is available to the entire World. Share it, pass it along. This is not a time or a topic (topic of many topics to be frank) that should be ignored. This is where knowledge is truly powerful. The training here is provided to the members of RRR247. A Marketing Family that is sharing the benefits of having an online System that is designed to allow for multiple streams of income. These streams of income are what can run the entire family economy. Enjoy the training, and for more details on RRR247, You can get more information, get started and even be assigned to a 1 on 1 instructor – GO HERE.

The Videos and Training were put into place on December 18th 2021. This is still so very new and in solid development, deployment and implementation. Because we are a Marketing Family, we work on these together. Furthermore, our Marketing Successes in Mass Movement have put us in alignment to gain in First Mover, First to Market scenarios in many occasions all ready. As a result, we are winning. We are creating winning situations for all that come in, listen, follow and do the work.

blockchain innovation

Let’s get some details and understanding out of the way:

THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. This is for Marketing Direction and Education only. Any suggestions of potential is for Entertainment Purposes only. Any decision you make is yours’ alone to make. There is no requirement of participation for anyone to be trained in this shared understanding and information. The initial training provided through these informational pages and videos are made freely available to the Public. May it serve you all well.

Any examples or LOG INS to Wallets are for Entertainment Purposes only. Showing what has happened based on Crypto during a set time. NO CLAIMS, no forecasts, and no guarantees or promises are being made in any way.

This information, and updates provided are Based completely on Experience and therefore my Professional Opinion, Technology is forever changing. It is something we need to be a constant user of. Merely to keep up and to adapt with the progress and understanding. Everything new in technology is built upon something before it. Knowing the stages and growth is extremely helpful in the learning and adaptation curves.

Technology Will Absolutely Change. It will always be evolving. And there is a solid RISK that it will become Obsolete. And in my history alone, this has proven to be the case; only a matter of time.


  • In Business, especially in Marketing in the manner we do with Performance Blogging, the following is the Constants.
  • We will always put the highest focus on Relevance and Foundational.
  • Then we will add in, “PLUG AND PLAY” anything else, so we can Market, and benefit from the Marketing (that is always done in LONG TERM and DURATION). Just update and modify with the new TECH.

Being Blunt with the regards to Blockchain Innovation:

This is important to understand and be in the Circles of Conversation. For sure. It is, by priority of how we succeed after the Foundational Products and Services. Furthermore, we have to realize that we are several years from full adoption of the Blockchain Innovations we have even today. In the proven circular method of what we do with our PBS; the more we focus on our Anchors, the more we will make our Training and Knowledge of Blockchain Innovation and everything within our scope of training available to the masses. We are going to be a foremost place for education, understanding, and access to participation within it.

Because it is important to stay FOCUSED, here are the main Anchors we market to drive to all of our Categories and the wonders within them on each of our Performance Blogging Systems.

Anchor #1: Wine Ambassador. We are on a true mission in education and gaining/giving/sharing access to True Fine Wines from Napa and Sonoma Counties. Globally. This is as Foundational as it gets. And we LOVE our Wine.

Anchor #2: Velovita. Bio-Hacking Sciences for Food and Nutrition is a Major Step to help the World. While it is a big Category and one that is Cutting Edge for the times. We know they will advance and continue to keep it up to the latest in available Science and Results. Also – it is a growing and expanding product line. While other things will always be encroaching (coming into our space) we will HOLD THE LINE and focus on the BIG PICTURE we have with VELOVITA in this Space of Bio-Hacking.

These are the CORE NECESSITIES for the SUCCESS within the PBS. It is our 2 MINIMUMS of DRAWS. And then we PRESS for even more with additional Relevance and Information to Share and add Opinions and Third Party Endorsements (Art of Performance Blogging). These are items we prefer to see added after your initial PBS is set up. These are areas to add more and more ways to grow your PBS and its potential.

Blockchain Innovation Defined:

The Blockchain is a revolution of technology for the use and protection of transactions. Processes once done on Centralized Databases, all subject to attacks and theft have been replaced by a Trust-Less process that protects everyone using it. The first use case of this incredible technology was Bitcoin. Since its creation, and as the understanding was proved out; the World is changing. Efficiencies and Security is already redefining and solving issues around literally all industries. And we are just seeing the beginning.

Thus Blockchain Innovation is the use of the Blockchain to create a better way of processes for the betterment of mankind. It is a term we connect with advancing in scope and results. It is the growth of technologies to solve everything from World Hunger to the improvement of Life for all.

What is a Blockchain? A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions maintained by a network of computers in a way that makes it difficult to hack or alter. The technology offers a secure way for individuals to deal directly with each other, without an intermediary like a government, bank or other third party.

What is Blockchain Innovation then?

Blockchain Innovation is the use of digital ledgers or “Blockchain” to create a solution to a problem or to make a method needed even better and more secure. Removing Government and 3rd Parties creates efficiencies, security and allows for a trust-less environment. Basically no on can be ripped off because no single person or single database controls the information. It is protected because no trust is needed. In an easy understanding, trust is not effective in a growing World. So Trust is removed all together. The decentralization of the information and who accesses, controls and verifies it is handled solely with in the Blockchain. As a result, or in addition to that statement, the verification and validation of each Blockchain is conducted within the “Mining Process” of the Token or Cryptocurrency used. Let’s move on to other definitions to help make this even more clear.

Because the BLOCKCHAIN is built without needing any one person to be trusted, it is perfect for securing all types of transactions. As a result, this is inclusive of banking, accounting, balances, inventories, and literally anything that would be done on a Spreadsheet. Only this puts the Spreadsheet in a situation where it can not be destroyed, dismantled or compromised.

Furthermore, it is also a constantly recorded listing of events that alter, change, or update the processes. And there are huge gains of speed and communication throughout the process. As a result the efficiencies are incredible at stopping losses from inaccuracies. Such is the case with Travel. Connecting multiple databases into a Blockchain that is accurate has incredible advantages. Inventory control, and again efficiencies for time and availability.

Terminology and Definitions Strongly Suggested for Basic Understanding with Blockchain Applications and Cryptocurrencies and Tokens:

Cryptocurrency. Also shortened to “Crypto” or “Digital Currency”: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are digital currencies not backed by real assets or tangible securities. They are traded between consenting parties with no broker and tracked on what are referred to as digital ledgers or as we know it “Blockchain”. Cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers. The word “cryptocurrency” is derived from the encryption techniques which are used to secure the network.

Who started Cryptocurrency? Satoshi Nakamoto.

When was it started? In 2009, the first decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was created. Again by a pseudonymous developer known as Satoshi Nakamoto. No one has come forth as Satoshi Nakamoto, and his creation has opened up a revelation of so many new “Innovations” and Freedoms to come to the World Population.

How is Cryptocurrency Created? Through Mining. Currencies are Minted or Created. Same with Cryptocurrencies. There are several forms of how this is done.

What is a Smart Contract? A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code. They run on the blockchain, so they are stored on a public database and cannot be changed. The transactions that happen in a smart contract are processed by the blockchain, which means they can be sent automatically without a third party

What is DeFi? At its core, DeFi is just sets of smart contracts used to perform financial functions, such as lending and trading cryptocurrency. Whereas Bitcoin can only send and receive data about how much Bitcoin one owns, Ethereum can store code on its blockchain, known as smart contracts

This is where knowledge and understanding are super important.

It is in the creation of the Cryptocurrency that opportunity and the availability of the Cryptocurrency begins. From there, the use case and purpose of the Cryptocurrency can increase and decrease in value. This value is where more opportunity is created. And there is more definitions to cover. Let’s press on shall we. The very aspect of multiple solutions for “mining” is yet more in the works of Blockchain Innovation.

Utility Token: Tokens are units of a Blockchain stored Coin. Tokens are n

Reward Token: Used to reward users for activity, loyalty, and more. These carry value opportunity. Or they are available for exchange for goods and services. Barter purposes as well. Reward Tokens are becoming more and more utilized. Loyalty Programs are huge. And the means and $Value of them is not to be sneared at. Major Upsides.

There are several other Token Types and I recommend you are VERY OPEN to the possibilities. The only factor of what is possible is what seems to be an ever changing grasp of regulations and Government Overstep. We the People are creating ways to reduce the atrocities and corruption that Government endlessly creates. So enjoy the journey of this all. And I’ll pause my opining on the matter for a bit here as well. Cheers.

Types of Mining. Methods Used. And some details and Definitions on each:

This is an overview. There are far more details. Though for the Marketing Purposes we are looking to accomplish within RRR247, a simple understanding is sufficient. And in our Training and VIP Access we will dive into these more. Especially with specific projects utilizing them. Furthermore, we are structured to teach and grow even more when the core understanding of “The Art of Performance Blogging” is understood and in full application.

Proof of Work: This is how Bitcoin is created (for example). Bitcoins are created or “Mined”. As are several other Cryptocurrencies. New bitcoins are generated by a competitive and decentralized process called “mining”. This process involves that individuals are rewarded by the network for their services. Bitcoin miners are processing transactions and securing the network using specialized hardware and are collecting new bitcoins in exchange.

This is how Ethereum is created. Though they are moving to “Proof of Stake”. Several Crypto Currencies followed Bitcoin and are mined through Proof of Work. And this is an entirely fun and involved conversation.

=== * ===

Proof of Stake: This. The Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins they hold. This means that the more coins owned by a miner, the more mining power they have.

Proof of stake is one of the most popular for its efficiency and because participants can earn rewards on the crypto they stake. Staking rewards are an incentive that blockchains provide to participants.

The proof-of-stake model allows owners of a cryptocurrency to stake coins and create their own validator nodes. Staking is when you pledge your coins to be used for verifying transactions. … The validator checks if the transactions in the block are accurate.

This is a method for creating the COINS/TOKENS while performing functions and validation of the Blockchain for the Cryptocurrency or Token itself.

=== * ===

Proof of Sensing: (Our Newest Addition – even though its been in the works for more than 3 years). The example for this is being released to RRR247 Members coming in January 2022. Those within the RRR247 Leadership, MSI’s PSI’s GSI’s and the PrimeOne Hub Owners are already under education and release. VIP Members of the RRR247 Family will be updated at the initial launch and release. BE SURE TO BE ON OUR TUESDAY AND SATURDAY TRAININGS – as posted on https://RRR247WEBINARS.COM. Probably the largest way for the World to win. Incredible and innovative solutions.

As of December 2021 We are only aware of ONE PROJECT that is claiming this method. They established and created it. And we are partnering with them in a huge way. (Details to be released here the end of 2021 and going into 2022). Because it is such a big potential; this entire Training is going to help with the knowledge needed for the Marketing Work we will be doing.

=== * ===

Yes there are other methods. And like anything, Imagination is without boundaries. New and Mind Blowing Inventions or advances are a thing we all should expect. The human mind and the boundaries it is capable of is of universal possibilities.

=== * ===

Want to know about Mining? There are 3 Types of Mining. Depending upon the method of course.

  • There is Individual mining. Or often referred to as solo mining. This is done in an independent basis. Utilizing their own equipment and not as part of a pool (or group of miners working together).
  • Most Common is Mining in Pools. This is collective mining. Participants share resources and work in pools. A pool is a server combining the computational miners’ power. Increases the odds of winning a “COIN or TOKEN” in Proof of Work, or with Proof of Stake allows the control and reward to be easier met and split in a fair manner by participating resources. Our “FREE-BITCOIN” Program is a Pool. Of massive scale, where so many can win and be a part of it.
  • Cloud mining. Utilizes the CLOUD servers to set up and connect to the Proof of Stake, Proof of Work models. This works with Nodes, where “Staked Tokens or Digital Coins” are locked in place and utilized to validate the Blockchain and purpose of the Coin/Token being created.

Current Projects Available to All RRR247 Students.

Because we are in an open training platform here; these are projects we are currently marketing. Furthermore; these projects are being marketing to the World. Anyone can participate in these. They are open and available. Additional Marketing Training and Support is available to Members of RRR247. And know that in our VIP Members Area, even more are made available and in some cases made available before they are released to the entire RRR247 Family.

Now we have the following Blockchain Innovation / CRYPTO Currency Projects that are running. They are up and running, or in the works, and being actively marketed by us all through Content, SEO, and Link Posting. And through the design of the user experience within our PBS. (Of Course).


This is a Chat Program. Secure, and on the BLOCKCHAIN. It is also a “Reward in COIN” to use program. We are paid .1 of a TRC per Day of minimum use. 10 Messages Sent and Read a DAY minimum rewards the payout. Then there is a single level referral Commission of the Payout to your Direct Referred Users. Or .01 TRC per day reward is earned by your referred user. NO LIMITS on number of referrals.


If you do not have an instructor – GO HERE.


We have done a lot with this in the previous years. While we only have a few pages on it, this is something we are continuing with. BUT only in the “KIOSK” focus. We are prepared when this is more and more ready for use. There are some large things happening. NO COSTS TO US. Just additional time to add into our Promotional Methods with our PBS.

EVEN IF ENROLLMENTS ARE NOT OPEN – focus on it as if. SO we are ready when it is ready. Because SEO takes time to be effective. We know it, or something better will be in this area. So getting the Keywords and Info out there to be Ranked, Indexed and Marketed is better sooner than later.


This is a WALLET for the Purpose of STAKING COINS. Not just any coin, but coins that are vetted and part of a huge direction in Crypto and Blockchain Based Solutions. We Market the NAME and details until this is ready for the next step. Regulation changes and established locations from being in MALTA to LONDON, UK have been put into process.

EVEN IF ENROLLMENTS ARE NOT OPEN – focus on it as if. SO we are ready when it is ready.

PROJECTS COMING IN 2022 (Just ones that are Contractual – there are literally 50 more in the Works)

ETH TRUST: We will be getting the details on this shortly. It is a first of its kind in the US. Fully regulated and utilizing the benefits of Crypto Trading. This is going to allow us to offer a way to have Professional Manage and build our Portfolios. This is the 1st of its KIND. I will cover this more in the Recorded Training.

(SPECIAL PROGRAM BEING RELEASED FOR JAN 1): This will be released ASAP with the MSI’s in RRR247 and then made available to VIP Students / And Instructors and Students. This is a huge, huge, program to benefit us all. We are being rewarded. Because we are going to be Marketing and Educating on this; we are going to be really rewarded in the potential. Furthermore, it is something that will be INCREDIBLE risk and reward.

Several More are on my DESK. And more coming constantly. We will be able to CIRCULAR MARKET and benefit as we build upon this incredible Category: Blockchain Innovation.

Just to add a note: Even Blockchain Innovation and the services and advances created are still subject to the Law Of Marketing. Nothing Sells Itself. Not Religion. Not Cocaine. And not Cryptocurrencies or Blockchain Innovations. If you are not aware of the Law of Marketing or the power of Marketing, you must have missed some things. No problem. Get my book and get a great education in Marketing. See and get your copy and become knowledgeable in Marketing and the Freedom it creates.

PART 2 of the TRAINING VIDEO launching this information out in the RRR247 Fashion:

PART 3 of the TRAINING VIDEO launching this information out in the RRR247 Fashion:

RRR247 is on a MISSION to help 1 Million Families around the Globe to create Multiple Streams of Income.

We are able to keep up with what is new and exciting. Furthermore we have incredible focus on Foundational Income Streams. Because we are fully in it on a daily basis, we have incredible momentum. As a result we can share what is working “Today” and “Now”. There is a true wealth of knowledge.

Because we are Pay It Forward Organization; we are in it to win it with our Students. We make money together, succeed together, or we waste time together. As a result; those that can follow a System and are willing to learn and be teachable are in a perfect situation to Succeed. Above all we are a caring organization working to better the World.

Above all we are all working to share the information and tools of success. In Addition; we recommend reading some incredible information. Get it by going to MarketingIsFreedom.Com. You will want to read this, listen to it, over and over again. It will change the way you see things. In other words, we are excited to share this incredible Community with you. Above all. Everyone should know we are here to help, and support and educate the masses. There is a changing world around us that knowledge is necessary to take advantage of it all.

We are here to share. As a result, you just need to connect and get into the information and activities of success that we have waiting for you. Just wait till you see what is in the INSIDE of our RRR247 Community. Because this is open to the World, we go into details. When you are working with your direct Instructor; you will gain access to so much more. Above all, we are always training, informing and keeping up to the latest.

Because we do not all come from Environments of Wealth and Knowledge; we have RRR247 to help all who accept the help:

We have a culture that is all about helping others. Paying it Forward. From Tanya and myself; we are in a position to provide the resources to help anyone. They must be willing to learn, and be willing to accept massive help in resources. Even financial gains to help invest into their future. We are so confident; we back up our students with our Financial Resources and Lead Generation Resources to expand and create the income streams together.

Because of our beliefs, and the RRR247 Culture the way it is, this is a perfect fit. As a result of how we see and work together; the understanding of Blockchain Innovation and Cryptocurrencies are parallel. In addition, anything that is created to better the way we provide for each other; is in the direction we conduct our lives every day.

Imagine being a part of tens of thousands of like minded and giving people. All receiving hands up, and then giving a hand up to others. We climb and grow together. And on the way we bring up others with us. Because we believe that we should always treat and do for others the things in which we would want to be done for us. Above all living to a code of treating everyone the way we would want to be treated. Because that is how it always should be. As a result we live in the way it should be. Furthermore in a created culture to inspire and allow others to do the same as well.