From my direct life choices and lifestyle comes a word combination that makes me smile each and every time I think of it, say it, or now – when I hear it. It is simply “coffeewine” combining two of my favorite things of my everyday – Coffee and Wine. For me and my lifestyle this sums it up best. And you need to pay attention, because I have literally found a way to have my cake and eat it too! And I wrote this to do the same for you and anyone else wanting to look and feel great, and who wants to “Live” with the Finer Foods, Fine Wines and the lifestyle that provides.

Do you know what makes a morning with Coffee even better?

Having your Morning Coffee help you to lose 10-20 pounds of unwanted fat and inches a month!

I am probably a typical person when it comes to my eating habits, routines and lifestyle. Typical that is for a “Foodie”! YES!!! I am a lover of FINE THINGS… and I am very proud of my tastes for Food, Wines, and Chocolate. Now a great piece of Lemon Meringue Pie, or piece of Cheesecake – well that is hard to pass up as well.

Here is what I Want. We’ll call it “My Cake”.

Want to wake up and be excited to get on with the Day. Alert and ready to make a difference today – to accomplish things that build up my goals. Financially, Spiritually, Physically, Mentally.

I Want to be able to Impact the Lives of Others. To help them grow, and build, and to help them create Time, Financial, and overall Freedom.

I want to be able to Eat Fine Foods as I share quality time with others. To enjoy amazing cooking, and the art of Food. I am a big time lover of Wine. And not just any Wine, but Fine Wines. I have enjoyed the years of being able to wind down the day, to reflect on what was accomplished and to spend time with my Spouse as we share the moment.

Side Effects of me with “My Cake” and me “Eating My Cake” (Before I found my Solution)

I would wake up, eager to face the day. Get the morning coffee going, get situated and going for the day. Pouring everything I could each and every day into making things better, brighter and fuller for everyone I can touch and influence.

As I do this, I enjoy great food, fine wines, and have been watching as I gain weight slowly and steadily. I’m even conscious of my health, replacing meals with nutritious and low calorie shakes. Thinking I could still enjoy Fine Foods and Fine Wine – savoring the moments and celebrating the day. My body and I seem to be at odds, and I’m constantly battling the weight gain, weight Loss, tug of war.

Finding myself doing insane methods to lose 40-50 pounds at a time, in methods that are not “Eating My Cake” and living a lifestyle away from what I enjoy. So of course it’s never going to last, its not where I want to be, and so the battle continued.

UNTIL… I found the solution that gave me the Ability to “Eat my Cake!” And the solution was as easy as changing nothing more than my morning JOE? Literally – that is all – didn’t change anything else!

Side Effects of me with “My Cake” and me “Eating My Cake” (After I found my Solution)


This is where coffeewine comes into my life and the life of all those I can share it with:

With our Coffee – AMAZING stuff that helps you FEEL GREAT and LOSE WEIGHT and INCHES – Get it here. You will thank me forever. I am able to now lose weight and keep it off without the stresses of crash diets, severe diet or restrictions. I simply drink 2 cups of great tasting, energy releasing and proven weight loss Coffee throughout the Morning. Eat sensibly, and enjoy a great Dinner throughout the week, and especially for Date Nights. AND I get to look and feel great – all because of the addition of this Coffee!


With our Fine Wine of the Month Club:

This will be your best Decision in “Fine Living”. You’ll gain an appreciation for it, gain in health benefits, and be able to share in…

Rewards of Financial and Time Freedom! And we do it with coffeewine. Its a matter of what we begin and end the day with. How we start and end.

You see with every problem there is a solution. And as I have always found, with the Solution is a way to create an income. Solutions are were the Money is at. We solve the issues of having your Cake and Eating too… and in a way that betters everyone we share it with.

As you get set with these AMAZING products for your life’s enhancement, enjoyment and betterment… I will be able to “Eat My Cake” as I can share and help you in my Life’s Passion of “Pouring everything I could each and every day into making things better, brighter and fuller for everyone I can touch and influence”. I have found my way to “Get My Cake” and “Eat it Too”. And I call it coffeewine.



Get set up for your Morning Energy and Thrust for Greatness. You’ll have curbed appetite, you will literally be set without cravings or false hunger pains. Your desire for sweets and unhealthy fats will diminish. Your Body and Mind will feel amazing. (OH and it only gets better the longer you are on this AMAZING Coffee!). Just have 1 to 2 glasses throughout the morning to early afternoon.

Eat sensibly, but know you can enjoy a Fine “Event” with Great Food, and Great “Fine Wine” and enjoy the time and company you have around you.

Coffeewine has some additional things to make it work even better for a great life:

See, we have more and more “Awesome Finds” and some incredible Science that has been shown to us. Adding to our coffeewine is Bio-Hacking that helps us sleep better and aids in losing weight and inches while we sleep. You have to see it. All the details can be found here!



Order up 2, 4, or 6 Bottles each month. You will not beat this deal. We have been loving and sharing our Wine of the Month Club with everyone we can for years now. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DESERVE! You will want the lifestyle that Fine Wine provides, and you are going to love this. You are going to get AMAZING hand picked (by Sommeliers’ – or Wine Experts) Wines, your choice of Red or White from all around the Globe each month, shipped directly to your Door.

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Be sure to get connected to me. So I can be sure to show you everything we have to give you the Time, Freedom and Lifestyle you Deserve. We figured it out, and we are going to guide you there! God Bless.

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