Contemporary Modern Fashion

We have an incredible Contemporary Modern Fashion website and company to introduce you to. They are incredible and extremely in style. Always in fact. They are keeping up with the changes, and if anything helping in the transition of styles going forward. We are stunned by their awareness to their consumer. Which if you are reading this, includes you or the person you are shopping for.

And we are glad you are here. See, you are about to see something very bold. All from the designing talents of Kendra Randle.

Kendra Randle is all about Contemporary Modern Fashion:

The owner and founder of this incredible Contemporary Modern Fashion site is all about her brand; and clothing being bold, sexy and fierce.

Again, Kendra’s New York City fashion brand was created to empower women to feel sexy, confident and fierce. Her premiere collection boasts a palette of vibrant colors, smooth neutrals and comfortable fabrics to express the current mood. Her style is definitely bold, ad it is confident, and fierce. You can go here and see for yourself.

A small-town girl from Kentucky and raised by a single mother, founder and CEO, Kendra Randle is living a life she only dreamed of. Upon finishing college for fashion design and merchandising; she took time to support her husband while he pursued his NBA career. They’ve lived in Los Angeles, Dallas, and now call New York City home.

As a wife and mother, Kendra understands the demands of balancing career and family. With determination to make her childhood dreams come true; she persevered to build her brand and present her own fashion designs. Because it is all about the passion; each piece is intricately crafted by her with intention to inspire each and every woman to embrace feeling sexy and strong.

Kendra’s mission is to empower women and has an all-female staff and team working along-side her. This is how they are able to deliver quality and savvy fashion wear for everyone.

Bold. Sexy. Fierce.