Costs of having a Job

True Costs of a Job versus True Costs of setting up and running your own Business. Did you know you invest money for a JOB. Actually to say invest is not accurate. There is no upside other than the JOB. And what it can pay. Not way to make more because of what you “invest” into your Job. Which is why there is no Government Tax advantages for Employees on what they spend, or “invest” into the Job.

This is going to be eye opening for many, but the good news, is that I have a full explanation and some information to give you a better way.

Add there can be even more costs associated with your Job. If you have children, and have child care costs, those are additional “investments” into you having a job. There are more things that you can realize as you think about this as well.

People are a product of their education. Most of which comes from the environment to which they were born into. The living arrangements they grew up in. The education from the home to the schools. And everything along the journey of life. And we do not know what we do not know. Right? Until we seek knowledge and find it. Knowledge.

There are ways to create income streams by investing into yourself and your abilities to learn a new way.

The way of an Entrepreneur. It comes with incredible upsides. The ability to gain growth and understanding to truly find Financial and Time Freedom.

See, it takes money, time and energy to both work a JOB as well as to build up a business. One has a direct ceiling on what you can make, and no way to truly benefit from the true costs of the Job in a way to progress. No tax breaks, in fact you’ll be paying taxes on the money you spend for your Job even. It is an entirely different way than that of an Entrepreneur.

See an Entrepreneur or a Business Person gets the advantages of offsetting the costs of the business and investments of the business. And get the upside of creating and building income without limitations.

The age of the Internet is upon us. Dramatic statement, yet it has done nothing but create incredible possibilities and ways to make the World a Truly Better place. Where a system can be shared to create the potential of huge success for all that can follow it.

Such a system that it was set up for anyone to win.

Where the costs to get going were minimal, and yet upsides are incredible. It all starts with some education, and then to get connected where things are given to you. Education, Systems, and Marketing.

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