When it comes to Crypto we here with RRR247 have been riding the waves. We vet out and know its a new frontier. We have been fortunate overall, and have been exercising patience.

11/11/2022: On the brink of FTX (2nd Largest Crypto Exchange) going Bankrupt, we are awaiting some key items to be solidified or moved. However; updates are as follows:

Metaverse Component:

This is the Entertainment Piece. Entertainment Events are all ran on the Metaverse Platform. This was built out by the technology group we are associated with in connection with PrimeOne. The latest version is released. MetaverseBooks is the new way to view any Entertainment from any Device on the Planet. Runs on PC’s, Game Stations and Smartphones. Globally.

We are marketing PRIMEONEPLAY and this directs and connects them to the Metaversebooks Platform.

By January 1, 2023 more features are going live. Driving Cars, and the experience growing and continuing to grow in 3D and beyond.


PRIMEONEPLAY: Your Referral Link Should Look like this: When you go there, you will sign up (free always) and get your referral link following their directions to gain additional entries.

  • Every time Someone Signs up for a Sweepstakes, based upon their ORIGINATION IP, the City Developer of that location receives $1 for each initial entry.
  • Initial entries can happen on the Monthly Contests. So worth $1 per month (up to $12 a year).
  • Referrals from Users count towards new Initial Entries and ongoing Monthly.

PRIMEONE.ORG: (Currently AVG Issue – being fixed 11/11/22). Log in and see Dashboard. Version 1 is up and running. We should be able to log in and see the income from the PRIMEONEPLAY occurring. We are seeing the Media Pick up. And the signups should be reflecting. Some Notes:

  • Not all Features Visible Yet. Pending FTX Exchange Concerns.
  • LOGIN:
  • TIPPING CIRCLE / TRICITY Details for RRR247 Family Members in this original program are located here:
  • Not all access points and balances visible on 11/11/22. Being “turned on” shortly.