Dahl & DiLuca Sedona Arizona

Dahl & DiLuca in Sedona Arizona offered an incredible Valentine’s Day Menu with a delicious Menu. Maybe one of the Best Food and Wine Pairings that was not enough to overcome what will be a sadly forever example of what not to do in Hospitality.

Though however great the Menu and Wine Pairing proved the very situation I found myself in from the beginning has insured that we will Never Go Back.

It is Valentines Day. We have been living in our resort “timeshares” since January 14th this year. We have been enjoying the culinary options Sedona offers and have had reservations at Dahl & DiLuca since the first week we arrived.

Dahl & DiLuca is Extremly Delightful Decorum:

However their Decorum is blown out of Relevance with their Manager James. While I did not get his last name, and for reasons of not wanting further insult to the Celebration of the day; it was best to just settle for his first name.

Let’s break it down. We arrived 15 minutes early for our set reservation. As you may know Tanya and I are owners of an incredible Wine of the Month Club. And we were bringing in a bottle of the AVP. A $750 bottle of ecstasy. The Manager came up to me and asked if we were dining with them this evening. Like why else would we be there? I said yes we have reservations and while attempting to head to the reception desk he told me they didn’t provide Corkage there.

I was shocked, let’s just say that it had been a non issue before. And many times before. But I wasn’t with business associates and was in Sedona. Apparently there is Arizona and 3 other States that don’t allow Corkage by law. Now I have since looked into it, and well it’s a law that should be killed off and in any case it was a serious concern of James.

And then tact be damned and Raised Tones and Belittling Commenced “James”:

Now I am good with not having the option to enjoy a Wine we are extremly in love with on the holiday of Love. Romance level 12 right! But ok. We can enjoy it later. He asked me to take it to the car. And with a chest pump posture that almost made me laugh. I hesitated and didn’t run away to the car fast enough so he demanded I take it out to the Car. Now I walked it out. My wife Tanya who had been waiting for me to check in the tight reception area then watched and listened as he called me an Asshole. See he was raising his tones and was very aggressive about me bringing in a bottle of wine. And it was a scene because of it.

We almost left. We Reset, and got seated. And the waiter was fantastic. Derek, and he was spectacular.

The Food and Wine Pairing was Excellent.

Here is an Instagram Post to see the incredible Event!

For the Owners, know this. James is not helping your reputation. And while we love Sedona, we will forever remember how James treated us. And as long as he is employed by you we will never be back nor will we aid anyone in choosing their dollars to spend where the Manager truly is missing serious things in hospitality. He managed to gain a non fan from one of the most allowing and understanding people in the World. And that is a huge feat. Has nothing to do with the Wine but the lack of tact. He was demeaning, rude and without any measure of understanding. I’m glad he was proud of his wine selection, but the raised tones and posture and ridicule after my departure. Not ok.

We had the Prix Fixe Menu with Wine Pairing. We spent over $400 & will not return ever as long as James is a part of any of your restaurants. Done.

And the food Wine and Wait Service was a 10 for 10.