Welcome to our DC (Direct Cellars) explanation page and roll out into a better, more lucrative situation with Wine Ambassador.

The Journey has been nothing short of Amazing. Here is one of our very own Wine Ambassador Opportunity calls from a Monday Night:

FIRST: Follow A or B based on your situation.

A: If you were in DC before and were directed to come here, then you have an Activation Tied to using this link: https://qreale.com/Home/WineJoin/youremailaddresshere

Obviously replacing the “youremailaddresshere” with your email address that you receive information from us directly on.

B: If you were not in DC before, and you got to this link, then get with the person that referred you here. And they’ll have a link for you to use in order to be placed where they can work with you directly.

Thank you.


If you are wanting and needing more details, please call my Wine Bot Assistant and hear (without talking to anyone) how this all works. 1-801-327-0491.

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