Dear Wynter

Dear Wynter I have been wrecked since you blocked us out of your life. Since you took and removed yourself from our communications. I decided to jot down a Journal. And post it so it was available if you ever wanted to find out more.

Christmas, I guess that was the day I realized you were upset. You took a job and ventured out on your own. Going the direction you wanted. We were and are so proud of you. Though being the strong and independent supporting parents we did have you do what we asked all of your brothers to do that left our employment.

Get Your Own Car Insurance, and to transfer your Cell out of the Business Plan. Honesty mainly. We believe in KARMA after all. And we had gotten you a BRAND NEW iPHONE 14 with all the bells… it is still under payment contract for 2+ years. I told you to find out, and we didn’t want it being sold while under contract, but though T-Mobile we could have transferred. OH I wanted to share THIS with you. But so much for that. I was so proud too. Guess the jokes on me for the phone. You know I’m not an iPhone fan. Rumor is you have an Android! That made me smile.

Did not realize this was a cause for the little girl I was able to raise and support to go AWOL on the Family.

No show up for our final time in Utah for sometime. To have you block and ignore our reach outs.

I share my time with a World of People. And as we pursue the needs as we see, and the family business as we know needs to be worked; I thought you were usually open with me on things. Except boys, that you took to your Mother (who you blocked out as well). So what is to be said or understood by all of this?

So Timeline. I’ll Highlight Dates going forward below in BLUE and Heading 3. And more so for me. Because as I pursue the dreams and directions I am compelled, I don’t want to lose track that my Daughter has decided to stop communication with her Father, Her MOTHER who have all been by her side. Brothers that seem to be dissed and diserted as well. Nephews, Niece. Well, this is not how you were raised or shown by example. So it hurts. Dear Wynter, why are we avoiding things?

December 20th 2022:

Realization Wynter was Boycotting Family Events and Communication with anyone in the Family other than Ryver and Tytan (for all we can assume). Getting the Phone Wrapped up was hilarious. Love that Spite. Unnecessary, Bratty and beneath everything. But funny in its own way.

The wrapped Insurance Papers from YEARS back, you were obviously not carrying current Insurance Paperwork in your car for YEARS. But at least that is rectified.

The Christmas Ornament from John was nice. We like that touch. And while we wish he came around more, we will just keep “wishing”. Dear Wynter, the family is here to support you. Always.

January 26th, 2023:

Mom and I are here in Sedona. Been through meetings and side trips to Vegas and Back. We reach out, nothing. We only have Facebook Messenger to attempt communications with you. You blocked your brother Gaven (going through a hard ass time right now) from Facebook today. And you have not communicated with anyone thus far. There seems to be an ongoing wall you want to put up. I have been sending reach outs on days I’m really missing you. Remembering times in Orlando, and wanting to do that again. Though you see it, you receive it. You fail to reply.

Not sure what is triggered or what is going on really, but this is never how I ever saw things between us going at all.