Diving with Sharks in Waikiki

Diving with Sharks in Waikiki was something that a few in our Group wanted to do. I have personally been diving in the Ocean and with Sharks several times before. Usually when it wasn’t planned out. However; what we experienced today was perfect and totally safe and enjoyable for about anyone.

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HIGHTLY RECOMMEND North Shore Shark Adventures for New to Snorkeling or New to Ocean Experiences. For sure worth it. And after extensive research, and because of my previous experiences, we chose to go with North Shore Shark Adventures. They promote the longest time in the Cage. And when going with a larger group, that was awesome. And everyone had 25 minutes or longer to play in the water and watch these amazing creatures swim and interact.

Diving with Sharks in Waikiki

These are primarily Galapagos Sharks. Family of the Bull Shark by Species. Yet more calm and completely okay with us being in their home. Of course in the Cages for extra safety for those worried. There have been other sharks that come to the Cages based on being in the open waters; however we were entertained by nine of these sharks. In size ranges from eight to ten feet.

North Shore Shark Adventures Impressed:

They were not only great at commanding the boat to the destination quickly, but the staff was knowledgeable. And they were really accommodating for all of the passengers needs. From making sure those that got sick were over the boat, offering free chum to the Sharks about, to ensuring everyone was safe.

Diving with Sharks in Waikiki

The Cage Itself is out in the Open Water already and tied to a buoy system that allows for secure docking to it, and a quick release option to get us back on our way.

The Sharks were all about the visit, and while you can tell they are accustomed to it; they actually seemed to enjoy it.

Looking forward to open water for the next times; however for a new or first time Ocean Experience, this is a great way to start. The Waters here of of Oahu’s Shores are so Blue. They literally look like Blue Gatorade. Something that was interesting and funny was how many people, obviously first timers to the Ocean have asked to take Water home with them. Being told it will just be clear once its out of the Ocean.

So if you are looking for a safe, yet thrilling for most adventure out here in Waikiki; get with North Shore Shark Adventures. And something we didn’t know, is that you can order and get awesome swag. T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and other items to remember the fun.

But for sure take a Camera. Probably in a Water-Proof Sleeve, and capture the moments as you can. Even from the Boat you can see the activity. The Sharks bring their oh so noticeable dorsal fins up as the breach the surface often. The guides have ways to get them to surface, and keep it fun and full of Shark Activity.


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