Donna and Wassermans

Donna and Wassermans, here is the information from today’s training. We are into training with Donna Jones and Johann and Vilma Wasserman. They will be following the information in this VIDEO:


Modifying the verbiage of their Wine Pages. /fine-wines and /wine-magic (Their Wine Ambassador Join Links have already been done by Rory). They need to re-write, re-word the actual Content (leaving the videos alone).

Then they need to continue modifying their pages. All of them.

Then their Category Pages.

THIS SATURDAY – we have our 12 hour AD POSTING MARATHON! Be there for that. It will be on RRR247WEBINARS.COM.

THEN – they have an EMAIL for the “Level 0 to Level 1” that is all about the same things here, and goes into the VMARKETING training. They need to do that. And then Donna and Rory have them set up with their GOOGLE DOCS.

THEN it is into the VMARKETING, this is a VIDEO on that set up. And then we go from here with Donna when they are ready:

Here we go! Donna and Wassermans are set up for success. We got this!

All of the pages for VELOVITA, the initial 3, are done for Johann and Vilma. Rory did those for them. See them in the Health and Fitness Category of their PBS. See it here!

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