DTC Ambassador

Dear Customers, Ambassadors and Connected Vendors, Advertisers and Followers:

We are excited to share in our New Direction with everyone. We have made an incredible leap forward and are brining on so much more for our Customers and Ambassadors. The Opportunity for True Fine Wines remains as Awesome as ever. And with that comes even more Greatness to be shared.

We have exciting New Wines to share as we do, and cannot wait for what is still coming here in 2022 and into 2023. There are literally wines in the process for the next 5 years! We will be updating everyone as we do during our Monday and Tuesday Night Zoom Meetings (See below for exact details on how to join us).

On November 1, 2022 we became DTC Ambassador:

We are still doing Incredible things with our Wine of the Month program. And are only adding even more opportunity and direction to the Cause of education and delivering True Fine Wines. We are also adding in additional programs and offerings. And as we have been educating our Ambassadors; it is time for us to Re-Brand and go forth with an even larger vision.

DTC Ambassador

All of our Log Ins are now located at https://dtcambassador.com

Please let your Customers and Ambassadors know. We are undergoing an incredible movement forward. Upgrading the technology and services for out foreseen growth and expansions coming in 2023!

UP TO THE DATE COMPENSATION PLAN IS LOCATED HERE! This is going to be updated as we roll out the new Ambassador Programs. All of our DTC Ambassador directives are under one Compensation Payout and Structure. This is an Incredible Opportunity for us all.

Please see your back-office for your Updated Referral Links and to access all things regarding your Wine and Details. You will be seeing new additions as we round into 2023. We are truly excited for what is coming and what is ours to Receive Glorious Bounties with going forward!

Our Product Links are Specific to the Products. We have left the singular named Wine Ambassador to become DTC Ambassador. Today DTC (Direct To Consumer) is encompassing over $800 Billion Dollars a year as an Industry. Because it is the largest direction for the current trends and growth; we have shifted everything to fully embrace this.

We have made some huge decisions. As a result; We have migrated into the DTC Ambassador direction fully and will be continuing our training on it during our Tuesday Night PBS Student training Zooms. See schedule and access links located at https://rrr247webinars.com.

Moving into 2023:

Tanya and I are beyond thrilled to add to our Wine Cause and Adventure with the Brainfood Ambassador and Protection Ambassador Programs. In addition we are tied into the Direct To Consumer solutions that we have now formally included into the entire DTC Ambassador Brand.

We are DTC Ambassador, and We are a Family of Marketers. All of us being “Brand Ambassadors” to share in everything we can to touch and enhance the lives of the World around us.

DTC Ambassador Represents the Following:

  • We are Brand Ambassadors to Fine Wines. And in the coming year we will be adding Fine Spirits to our line up of products that need to be created and crafted in the right way. We are going to educate the World about proper and Fine Wine and Spirits. And we have the knowledge and with that the Integrity to educate and share the knowledge with all we can. Globally.
  • We are Brand Ambassadors to bringing Excellent Education for K through 12 as well as Higher Education to the Home. Giving the Parents the access and full transparency to education to guide the future of our World. Globally. We have the Knowledge and the Technology to do so. And the Integrity to educate and share the knowledge with all we can. Globally. Direct To the Consumer. Change is here, and we are the Change.
  • We are Brand Ambassadors to connect the World with DTC Services that touch every aspect of our Lives. From legal protection and legal comforts; to having direction from Experts to guide our lives. Knowledge is truly power; and the lack of Knowledge is something we too can Change. Furthermore; We will be educating and providing true solution and protections to our Ambassadors and Customers.

And Here is Where we Connected Even More for the DTC Ambassador Opportunity and Potential for us all:

  • We are Brand Ambassadors for an endless opportunity of Products and Services to better the World. Because of this; We get to connect products and services with Customers. From everyday needs to new and innovative products and services. We are constantly gaining in this endless path and endless addition of Opportunities.
  • We are Brand Ambassadors to creating stronger Family Economies. Sharing the knowledge and application of Marketing. We have a solution that can truly help anyone that can follow our proven path of success. Through our “Pay It Forward” process we are educating and sharing the needed resources to help everyone we can. Globally.

Now All Things DTC Ambassador are combined with our Education, Training and Support of our RRR247 Family. Please join us on Monday Nights to hear about the DTC Ambassador Program and how we are expanding and reaching new heights for us all:

WHERE: https://rrr247webinars.com (See the Schedule and Connect to the Zoom Meeting from there).

WHEN: Monday Nights for Opportunity Overview. Hear what we are all about, and where we are going. And what it means to you and your family in Time and Financial Freedom.

6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST / 10pm AST

WHEN: Tuesday Nights for RRR247 PBS Student Training. This is our weekly updates and releases of new things for the DTC Ambassador Program and everything we are connected to in our Awesome Marketing Processes.

6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST / 10pm AST

WHEN: Wednesday Nights for our “Wine and Dine” Evening of Food and Wine Pairing Fun. This is our Fun and Food Night. So pull up a plate of food and wine and watch and share in the learning and tastes this World and our Fine Wine has to offer.

5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 7:30pm CST / 8:30pm EST / 9:30pm AST

WHEN: Saturday Morning for RRR247 PBS Student Training. This is a 3 Hour Training, covering 3 Sessions of Growth Training.

Session 1: This is our training on what was released on the previous Tuesday Night Training as well as Marketing Training and Focused directions for what is needed today.

8am PST / 9am MST / 10am CST / 11am EST / Noon AST

Session 2: This is all about Wine and How to Market and Share what has been our most relevant topic to market and gain business with. DTC Wine has been an epic addition to our success. It has so many ways to grow and share it. We dedicate a solid hour each and every Saturday for this Cause.

9am PST / 10am MST / 11am CST / Noon EST / 1pm AST

Session 3: Here is training on how to work within our “Paid Marketing” . This is our VMarketing Training. How to use and build your opportunity with us using the Lead Generation that is given to you from Tanya and Myself.

10am PST / 11am MST / Noon CST / 1pm EST / 2pm AST

See you on the training, and we are going to be creating some incredible futures for the World. We are the Change.

Yours in Service and Dedication to Growth and Success for us All:

Rory Ricord, CEO DTC Ambassador. Author of Marketing Is Freedom. Co-Founder and Creator of RRR247 and the Performance Blogging System (PBS). And your Servant Leader to pour into your Success. We do this together.

Tanya Ricord, President DTC Ambassador. Co-Founder and Creator of RRR247 and the Performance Blogging System (PBS). And your Servant Leader to pour into your Success. We do this together.

Peter Antoniou, CTO DTC Ambassador. Also part of our 4 Person Tasting Team of Wine Connoisseurs (Snobs) and facilitator of Tasting and Education in Wine Experiences. Also key mind behind the implementation of our Wine Makers and Commissioned Liquid Art being Incredible.

Jim Franckowiak (Jim Fran), CCO and Legal Council DTC Ambassador. Also a key Team Member in our Protection Ambassador Program. As we take Legal Solutions and Needs to the World.

Get with your Instructors, your Enrolling Ambassador or Contact our Offices at 1-877-310-5353 (or any of our Support Numbers) should you have any questions or need help with anything. We are blessed to have the Support of all RRR247 as we Grow This all and Help the World; One Family Economy at a time.