DTCA, or Direct To Consumer Ambassador is the latest in Creating Opportunities for the Influencer and Online Marketer. This is created with over 35 years of Experience in Direct Sales and in Combining with the Technology and Marketing Message to Grow to Unbelievable Accomplishments.

This Entire Information Page is Sanctioned by the CEO of DTCA, Rory Ricord.

Become an Affiliate of DTCA Here. There is a small cost, and it covers the Back-Office and Coordinated Follow-Up Systems to Create Sales through Ascension Marketing and More. You will be sent a full training and walked through this once you are set up. We equip all of our Affiliates with Marketing Tools and Access to Ways to Build the Volumes and Long-Term Income Potential.

Once you are set up with that Account. We will schedule an Onboarding Meeting with you over Zoom. We will be setting you up with a Linked Tracking Account (no cost to you ever) that will give you detailed reporting and accounting for all products and programs outside of products and services #1 and #2. #3 forward will be in the Linked Tracking Account.

We are Not Just 1 Product or Service. We are a Growing and Constantly Evolving Solution. This is a Partnership that is already 15 years in the Making and Set Up for the future.

We Market and are the Driving Force behind several Brands within out Brand. We work with Manufacturer to Customer (Direct To the Customer) Solutions. And we are adding more all the time. You will have access to them all as they are added. This is a One Stop for Many Programs. Allowing you the benefits fo growth

Start With DTCA. This is your Main Account. Where Commissions and Reporting is Located. This is also where you are allowed to expand and grow with all Marketing Tools available. As well as to be able to build Teams of Influencers and Online Marketers. To which you benefit in additional Commissions.

All Are Available with Tracking and Links for Your Payment. Everything we have is paid out through our R.A.M. (Residual Affiliate Marketing) Program. Meaning you get paid on the initial purchase and every purchase ongoing for the life of the Customer.