Get Paid To Chat

That is right, you just found a way to get paid to chat. What is better than spending time chatting with friends? Yes you really are about to Get Paid to Chat with Anyone. From your Family, Colleagues, Friends; well anyone you want to really. And it all begins here.

Step 1: Download The App

Once you click the “Download Now” button, you’ll be taken to the App Store where you can download the app for free!

paid to chat

Step 2: Start Chatting & Get Paid

Install the Prime One Chat App and start using the it to communicate with all your friends and family, and get paid for your usage!

Step 3: Refer Friends & Get Paid to Chat (Literally be able to make more and more and more – CRAZY RIGHT!)

With our incredible program, it is almost unlimited potential. You are about to Participate in our unique, new revenue sharing program. One that is so incredible; where you get paid for anyone you refer that Chats. NO LIMITS!

Realize, this is the Only App (that is real) that provides a way for you to Get Paid to Chat. And it is available around the World.

You also Get Paid To Share (anything and everything) With Your Social Community. There is so much more… why are you even reading this. You should be dowloading, chatting and sharing this with anyone and everyone you know. The more you share it with, the more you get paid from.

And once you get started, look in the Apps section of your Admin for even more ways to Get Paid to Chat and more!

get paid to chat

OK this sounds great right? But are you concerned about SECURITY? You should be.

This is the Chat and Communication App of Today and into the Future. No-one is as secure as we are. Because of our Patents and Methods; We push security technologies further than anyone has ever before. This “truly” incredible Chat program is built to fully and completely protect your every communication (made thru the Program) and data without any compromises.

Protection From 3rd Party Interception. All communication is secured with end-to-end encryption, thus eliminating snooping.

Secured From Server Hacking. App has refused to collect big data and doesn’t keep any user data on any servers.

Personal Info Leakage-Free. To ensure this is Leakage-Free; all of your personal info, your private communications, and all of the history is encrypted locally and stored only on your device.

Be able to Stream Across Devices With Ease. This will ensure that your [personal] data and communication only belong to you, and are only seen by you and your intended recipient.

Lets Break down the Usage Benefits Shall We:

  • Uninterrupted Calls: You always stay connected. You always have and maintain clean, HD quality audio and video calls.
  • Internet Speed Doesn’t Matter. We are talking smarter than smart technology. Because of this, you never worry about crowded Wifi or slow internet. This is the Smartest Chat Program ever!
  • Low Data Usage. This just saves money. Consume 6 times (that is 600{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} less) less data than you would with any other messengers. (Its like we have the best chat program, the smartest, and the least resource consuming program. Because of this, it is Greener than Green and ready for Worldwide Use!)
  • Fastest Messaging (on the planet). Furthermore, be able to Send messages, record voice and video messages, “all the time” be able to share photos, videos or any other files (for that matter) instantly. And always using less resources than any other program ever.

This is Beyond Private. Serverless Communication. Because if it resides on a Server (anywhere) it is not Private is it? NOPE. This is an entirely serverless solution. Nothing holding or storing. Nothing waiting for the next genius hacker to enter into.

Here privacy is taken to another level. Communication history is never stored on any servers. The fully encrypted messaging app leaves no traces on the Internet whatsoever.

HD Voice And Video Calls (Get Paid to Chat – Get Paid for Video Calls!)

get paid to chat

Be able to enjoy HD voice and video calls with anyone on this Program. Because this is the absolute best solution, using this program means you will never miss even a word. The Program has incredible AI that recovers lost voice and video data to keep your communication going. And it happens so seamlessly you will never realize it is happening.

Fast Messaging and Private Groups (And you Get Paid to Chat and Use this. Again, what are you waiting for?)

You will be able to instantly send and share text messages, videos, photos, voice (talking, singing, yelling, cheering), JPEGS, PNGs, GIFs, or any other files. Furthermore, you will be able to create private group chats. Because it is important to keep in touch with your family or co-workers, and never worry that your communication can be leaked or hacked.

Go here to get started with the most incredible, encrypted and protected way to Chat ever! Soon you will be like us, and in “Happy Shock” as you Get Paid to Chat!

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