Getting Onboarded for the PBS RRR247 Network

Welcome to the beginning of a long term relationship; and now its all about getting your Business and Offer(s), well Getting Onboarded! We at RRR247 have built up something special. And if there was ever a time where strength in numbers was relevant; it is here for sure.

So to get you going, we need you to complete the form here:

This will let us set up your profile.

From here we will create the Insertion Order and get you the particulars with your Commission Amounts. We will be getting with you on the process as necessary.

Payout Model:

If you are product based, one time sales it will be other and the percentage of sales. Please enter that amount in this as other. This will be the percentage based upon each sale, and based upon the total of the order placed.

This is also expected to be the same percentage on re-occurring or subscription payments.

Any Questions: Please let us know. If you are working with and thru Brock, please get with him directly on this.

If working with Rory, please get directly with him on this.

And if you have been connected to Stacy, please go to her with questions on this.