GOYA – Get Off Your Ass

Welcome to GOYA or at least a call to action for you to Get Off Your Ass. There are just a few reasons that one person is Rich and Successful and you may not be. It really is just a few reasons.

I’ll put out a PSA (Public Service Announcement) here first.

If you are under the age of 32 and you still think you are building the path of dreams that you were taught was the path, go away. This is not a place to waste time on those feeling entitled or that feel the World owes you anything.

To get going you need to start with the Very Program that allows my teachings, my resources and my wisdom to truly help you.

You will be able to learn the how, the why, and more. We literally get to help you achieve and get there. Including funding your Marketing to make it happen.

  1. Get an account here BLOGWITHRORY. For those that are not already a Student of Rory’s with the RRR247 Family and Performance Blogging Systems (PBS); your new account will be notified to Rory, and you’ll be assigned a personal Instructor.
  2. You will follow through all the instructions and teaching provided by and thru the RRR247 Training. Your Instructor will see that you are on the path and stay on the path.
  3. Once you have your PBS up and going (completely) and you are with Google AdSense, and all the Anchor Offers, you’ll enter the Instructor Program.
  4. You will need to go through everything and push to become a member of GOYA.
  5. Then you will receive the PASSWORD to access the “Rory Accountability Group”. This is where 1 on 1 Access to Rory will be given. It will not be soft or pretty, and you will be held to the same accountability that Rory holds himself too. ONLY this is about pushing you to become an ELITE Income Earner, ELITE Giver to Others, and an ELITE Inspiration to Others. Don’t worry, few do this. Its not for everyone. Everyone DESERVES and has it in them, but not everyone will allow themselves to reach the higher levels of understanding.