I Am A Marketer

When asked what I do, “I am A Marketer”. I used to say I was a direct mail marketer. Doing mailing campaigns. I used to post tiny ads in newspapers and magazines all around the World even. Then the Internet came along; and like a new girlfriend I became an Online Marketer.

Truth of it all though is that I am a Marketer. And I utilize and grow my “Art” and “Skillsets” with every medium and direction that I can. Doing that which is necessary to promote my brand and the brands that are associated with me.

It is a Career that has extreme importance to the Economy. Further it is a Career that expands with the more you can share with and get involved into the actual role of being a Marketer. Literally it is such a need, and for every failed business there is a huge lack of marketing that was missed. There is more room than the time to train and duplicate Marketing into the Careers of Others.

Marketing as a Career has Incredible Upsides:

Firstly; It is a Career that when done properly only grows in Potential if you have more doing it. Unlike competitive Services or Businesses out there. We grow with Marketing Partners. The more Marketing Partners we have, the more we all can create. In results, in income, in Awesomeness!

Secondly; When you form a Marketing Team consisting of Marketers all working Independently yet together in a Team; Everyone can Win Even Bigger. More is truly More. Marketing done correctly utilizes the efforts and consistency of many.

Thirdly; We are rewarded with Happiness and Joy throughout the process. Furthermore; we get to make an impact in so many areas of life in the single Marketing Aspect. We Market, we create awareness, and we create actions. Those actions benefit the Team of Marketers and helps the Economies of several families. The more we help make happen, the more we help. Providing economic means for survival, growth, and further opportunities for our families.

Seriously there is so Much Awesomeness to being A Marketer:

Fourthly; There is constant room for growth and development. Being a Marketer (in the right setting) allows for constant personal growth and development. Happiness and Joy as you become the best you. Focus on yourself and you focus on your Goals and Actions for your Marketing Business. Because the results of Marketing only increase with Positive and Growing Marketers; there is constant learning and growth. This is what everyone truly needs to be plugged into making this life the best life ever.

Fifthly; We get to see things First! In my case, and the case of those in my Marketing Team. I actually consider it my Marketing Family, we are close and in constant communication. Because we are so successful as a whole Family of Marketers; new projects come to us all the time. These are fun and exciting items that no on knows about yet. And we get to change that, and get paid very well for doing so.

Sixthly; Anyone Can Do it. Because Marketing is so efficient and profitable; there is a System to teach others to participate in it. Whether you believe you know what Marketing is Today, or you feel you have no clue; there is a place to begin. See more with the beginning of where you can learn it all here.

Yes I Am A Marketer that Works Online a Lot:

The more the Internet grows and develops; the more of our life that is available “Online”. So yes we market heavily online. We are posting ads, getting in front of everyone we can in every way we can. We build up online shopping and information systems. And because we know it works; we cross market to share with those we Market too; other things we have to share with them.

The aspects of being a Marketer include constant learning and doing. There is never a moment where you can say, “We are good, that is done”. It is always evolving. Always being re-designed and constantly in need of steady actions.

Plus technology, systems, and automation help build up the results needed to be a successful Marketer. And these are getting better and better. The results of proper Marketing are so valuable and rewarding that technology is constantly being improved. Because we earn on “Actions” we get to be creative in utilizing and developing automation methods to create even more “Actions”.

We Marketers literally get to find ways to get paid without doing the Physical Work of it. Working Smarter. And because it is our Business, we gain from the results of the efficiencies directly to our bottom line.

Plus, Marketers Get Perks:

You’ll enjoy this other article on it. There are Careers where you stay in one location, not really needing to travel too much or have a need to meet new people. Some may enjoy that; but if you only knew the travel, rewards of experiences, and so much more to be had in the life of a Marketer; WOW.

I Am A Marketer!

And I have great to awesome days; everyday. Once you have your tools in place, and you utilize them; it becomes fun and rewarding. Then it doesn’t stop! It is on like a waterfall. Pouring and pouring. Building up momentum with proper passion and attention to each project.

Thankfully we have a process to everything we do. It is a “System” that when followed makes Success Guaranteed.

Those of you that want to become a Marketer:

I suggest you start where you can learn and grow. See What is Performance Blogging. It all begins there.

Get Access to Marketing Is Freedom. Get it here (use Coupon Code: freedom) as a GIFT from me to you.

And get ready to see the World in an Entirely new Perspective. You will laugh at how incredible Marketing is around us. We see it at every turn and corner. It is all around us. And more and more there are ways to be a part of it and gain in profits. Lifestyle of successful Marketers are fantastic. Come on in!