Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

There are some incredible things about the internet, take this question of Is Rory Ricord a Scam? There are some very dishonest and “dirty” advertisers in this online world. They are clever. They are also damaging several honorable and reputable companies and people running these companies.

When I state dishonest and dirty, I’ll be specific. They are almost always with a program out of Canada called Wealthy Affiliate. They operate in the following manner.

  1. Find someone that is Marketing Heavy. Someone spending a lot of money to be in front of the clients they are looking for.
  2. They then make “FAKE” Review sites, that lean towards calling the “Someone” a Scam or a program that is too hard to work, or not what it claims to be.
  3. Then they use the moment to say how amazing their product or program is. And that you should go in that direction.

This is like going to the Grocery Store, say a Krogers. And when you do there is a Publix Clerk that jumps in front of you before you buy your Gallon of Milk and they tell you that there is questions as to the source of the milk. And that you can get milk across the street at Publix.

The Milk is great, it is properly handled and preserved and bottled. Sold to you through their chains of Grocery Stores. The Kroger Store ran ads and built up their clients. Only to have Publix step in front of those advertising dollars to redirect and “steal” the client to them.

You do not see this happening at first.

Because it is dishonest and wrong. And you are not a dishonest thief, so you are not looking for the dishonest review. But online by companies and people within those companies, morality is left unchecked. They have been doing their actions to steal off of the advertising dollars of others for years now. They are based out of Canada, and pilfer from the USA. Jurisdictions make it hard to prosecute.

Roope Kiutto is one such piece of immoral dishonest criminal. He has stolen marketing monies and their exposure through the dishonesty he runs. And his YoutTube Channel is titled in an ironic “Learn to Make Honest Money Online”. Could not be further from the truth. If you want to see countless scams being offered, he is your man. He has ways that claim earnings. He violates the FTC guidelines all day long.

Anis the Affiliate Marketer, aka Anis Chity is another one. Learning from the best at immoral marketing, Anis is by far no Guru, but you will tell you that his direction is better than actual Millionaires teaching their courses. He is representing Wealthy Affiliate.

They represent and teach how to immorally attack programs to steal their marketing efforts.

This is their program. Teaching you to be a thief. If you believe in doing to others what you would want done to you, this is already a bad idea. And they charge you to learn it. Yeah, they are that evil.

And they play at levels that are unruly, dishonest and without honor. They are not making full time incomes themselves, and their success if duplicated would be by others doing the same dishonest acts.

If you are in the USA, you will get sued. And you will be sued by anyone that wishes to protect their name. If you are outside of the USA like Anus and Roope then you can avoid things, looking over your back. Eventually the class action suits as advertisers combine to go after you eventually get you for violations. Maybe you don’t get hit by a lawsuit, legal fees and eventual judgements that wreck your credit. Or Maybe you do get hit.

Imagine taking a trip to the USA to see Disney World:

Only to be served by a US Agent of the Law because they have been waiting for your dishonest, damages caused actions to be served and held to the justice system of the USA.

There are honest people out there. And some of them, like Rory Ricord have been helping people for decades. They have a long history of successes, and they have been teaching and supporting the very ways they have made their Millions in online Marketing.

Haters will hate, and the thieves come out when there is money. Successful people can afford to market. Thieves Steal. It will come around. Karma is real.

So when you are looking for information about Rory Ricord, you should just call and talk to an actual Student or Instructor that is following the very program. It has been out there and progressing into something remarkable since 2008. It is still going, larger than ever.

Is Rory Ricord a Scam is so far from the Truth.

By the time you see this, it will be even larger yet. Globally spreading and helping thousands upon thousands of families to create income streams to better their quality of life.

Scams do not have the money back guarantees honored by the credit card and banks they work with. And scams do not offer you ongoing training that you can attend each week forever. Scams do not answer the phone, chat, conference calls to help you as you need it. Is Rory Ricord a Scam is about as clear as saying you don’t need water to live. Water is a scam, do not drink it. Instead, drink this swamp water over here.