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I had an experience with K1 Speed several years ago now. It is an activity, (Racing Go-Karts) that my boys and I really enjoy. One we have spent a lot of money doing so. My email read to this effect:

Let me tell you a STORY. A story you may or may not learn from.

I am an Entrepreneur…

So I continued on with: I employ thousands. I also own several businesses. All True. And none of them will use K1 Speed for anything. EVER. DONE. Poor service of this type has no place in our culture. They performed like a scam. They took hundreds $ and then delivered nothing but wasted time.

You have been an example to my training and customer service. And in the way you should care about. BECAUSE YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK. 

Years ago now I came in with a couple of my boys to ride cars. We were greeted fine, sold Cards and prepaid for use. I STILL HAVE THESE CARDS with full $ on them (unless you purge that at some point). 

We were there as a Group was there, and told we would be on after them. Great, we got some snacks and talked about life. We kept getting moved and moved and finally cancelled out. Wasted 3 hours. 

I not only have not gone back, I AM AN OUTSPOKEN VOICE that your program from the TOP DOWN is horrible. 

I’m in UTAH – the location I had my experience is 106th South and 700 East. When I confronted them about the issue, they didn’t even apologize. They literally shrugged and said, just come back on another day that’s not so busy. Or I could keep waiting. OH… I’m done. I want my 3 hours back with interest, and I want this form of BUSINESS put to death. POOR SERVICE and LACK OF RESPECT for the customer’s time. NO PLACE FOR THAT EVER.
The items of issue with the entire experience are massively wrong. I have heard continual responses from many when K1 comes up. We love the GOKARTS concept. We just do not support K1. I almost wanted to go into Competition to put them out of their misery. BUT its not my passion… the owning of a GOKART location, not the put out of misery.

I was literally just discussing the poor quality of service at K1 Speed. Great through the sale, and getting the money.

NEVER was I told they were going to WASTE MY TIME and that I wouldn’t be able to ride with my boys. They strung me along and then left us to waste more time and without. 

For those that want Service and Respect for their Hard Earned Money – your Establishment is NOT THE PLACE TO GO. If you are a business that believes in the art of Customer Care and Experience – your Establishment is NOT THE PLACE TO GO, SUPPORT ever.

I am glad you are offering private meetings Spaces. We are using them in all sorts of locations. Doing it more and more as we are allowed to recover during the plandemic. 

Businesses will be remembered for what and how they deal with the troubled times. I know this. However, how the businesses are ran and supported during “Normal Times’ speaks volumes as well. I hope you are navigating the World in a great manner with Customer Service at the helm, and the Experience being made with Awesomeness in all your locations.
Thank you for reminding me of the HORRIBLE Experience with your Location in Utah. I’ll see that I forever list it and promote it
Your “Hopefully” Biggest Non-Supporter and Voice Against Your Bad Business and Ethics towards the Customer:
-Rory Ricord

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From: K1 Speed
Date: Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 11:16 AM
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