Keith Giles is Fake News

Keith Giles, @keithgiles on Twitter. He posts his Blog here on Patheos. He is acclaimed writer and taken from his own “About” you can see how self proclaimed of a Christian he is. I’m not here to present what I feel is completely Leftist, non-Christian in fact, but painted as Christian (Opinion mind you). He is a friend of Fake News, CNN, and is on from time to time to share his anti-Trump bits.

Keith Giles

I have been reviewing his articles, and if anything, he is a passive aggressive writer. And his views may bring on supporters, they are extreme in views and frankly, we see him as only being an antagonizer and part of the problems.

Creating Hate where Hate is not needed, and doing so in a passive aggressive way; is still doing so.

There are no apple to apple comparisons, but rather comparisons done taking anything right/conservative and discrediting it while comparing. Clearly your views are biased. Below though, he takes it further. Claiming to know and back up the reputation of someone causing issues. Jeffrey Dahmer had people say he was amazing and wonderful too. Didn’t change the fact he was a serial killer.

READ THIS before you read the BLOG from KEITH GILES. It will let you see that he is a liar and part of the very issues. Standing up for your friend, ok… but clearly your depiction and the facts brough forward only show you didn’t and do not know him like you claim.

Just pointing out, that the above referenced article with Trump bringing to light Martin Gugino, 75, is a veteran Antifa member with a long history of arrests is one thing. Keith Giles on the other hand paints a far more different picture.

Perception is reality, and while there are plenty of Trump Haters standing up to create Hate, even proclaimed voices need to be corrected.

Keith Giles, shame on you. We have our eyes on you, and truly hope you are helping the poor. If you are walking the walk and talking the talk we will be meeting up with you one day. Though your passion, views and works are not in our opinion helping the poor.

The New York Times even allows themselves to post things without ANY background check.

If its at all Anti-Trump, they run it. They also like the passive aggressive direction. Article Example: See it here (directly). There is luckily WITNESS video of Martin doing exactly what is speculated by the President. There sure seems to be a precedence of making the instigator

In the WAKE of the George Floyd incident, you may want to also check out the findings on him. Is he truly dead? Was it a set up? Why do the Left and Fake News make him out to be an amazing person? Why do they ignore the injustice he caused for years? See more here

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