Kosta Event – We are so Set for Success

Dear RRR247. We have an event coming up in Miami. This MONTH, on February 26th and 27th. We are doing things on the 25th together as well. So we are suggesting everyone get there on the 25th and leave on the 28th.

THIS EVENT IS HUGE – and I DID NOT EXPLAIN IT right… it dawned on me, so here you go… CHECK THIS OUT:

You can get your ticket within your back office of your VELOVITA account.

NEW MEMBERS into Velovita can get tickets for $249. It includes the Gale Party and Dinner Saturday Night. This is a dressy affair, bring a good suit or evening gown. You will see what we get to look forward too in the future. IF YOU ARE NOT IN VELOVITA YET – I am going to make an incredible offer to you all on the CALL this TUESDAY 2/9/2021 – and know your INSTRUCTOR is standing by to assist you.

Because this is so important to Tanya and I… if you are in Velovita (we all should be) and If you have not yet booked your ticket – be sure to be on the call. We need to get you there. AND Tanya and I will discuss what we can help you with it.

I am going to tell you all more on the Tuesday Night Training Call. BUT WE have just entered a new LEVEL of EVERYTHING here.

We are COMPLETE – we ARE CREATING SOMETHING very POWERFUL. Now it is important to build up your self confidence, your self awareness, and your self belief. BECAUSE EVERYTHING is in PLACE.

I could not be more happier to be connected to Kosta. The Kosta Event you are about to witness in Miami is a “COMING OF TIME” event. This is KOSTA saying… “I AM HERE” “WE ARE GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE” “HERE WE COME”.

This will be an incredible EVENT, a true Kosta Event that will blow your minds – and open your futures.