Marketing 101 a Marketing Discussion

I am super excited you reached out to me the way you did and wish to share some Marketing 101 with you. I call it that because we do not know what we do not know. Also, we tend to follow and do what we are told by people we respect. Even if it is not correct or valid. I will be blunt. You deserve it. And if you think I am getting in the way of your hopes, dreams and what you truly deserve; you couldn’t be further from the truth.

I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. If I was wasting my time, I would want someone to set me straight. YOLO and wasted time at the instruction of another is pure and outright THEFT. Do not be swindled from the one things you only have a set amount of. Time.
marketing 101

Deep Down (and for some its not that deep) you know there must be a better way to do what you have set out to do. If I could dump my brain to you right now, I would. Instead, you need to find it in your “gut” to know that what I am telling you is true.

Let’s do some LOGIC Profiling ok?

The Guru that taught you to prospect and “attempt to build” your business in the manner you are doing:

  • Did they themselves build their fortunes in that manner?
  • Are they still building in that same way?
  • Did they reach their success doing what they are teaching you to do?
  • Are they doing what they teach you to do? As in if they say to reach out to 20 people each day, are they doing that too?
  • Do they post their results and show you the proof of the HOURS spent and the GAINS made by it?
  • Are they making their income from teaching and training or from actually building in the manner to which they are the “Experts” of.
  • They probably share the same known knowledge about reinvesting into your business. So think of this… if you are their business, are they investing in your success?
  • Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels, even after 90 days of working a plan? Do you see it getting better, or just more busy work.
  • Look around you. Are you seeing others succeed. Do you honestly think that anyone you attract is going to want to duplicate the work you are doing each and every day?
  • Are the methods of marketing that you are doing the same that you would be happy with being marketed to you?

Some Key Points to Marketing from a Marketing Professional

  • When Marketing is done Properly; Sales becomes Order Taking. If you have to engage someone and get them to open up for what you are selling, you are doing the hardest work ever.
  • Success leaves a trail right? I’m sure your GURU has said this, or something very close to it. Well, let’s go through it. Would you consider McDonalds to be successful. They are the #1 Franchise of all time. Do they market in the manner you are marketing? Odds are a far cry from it. They spend $Millions a day in marketing. They have too. Is your GURU successful? Is he paying for marketing or is he doing the time wasting tactics he/she/they taught and keep teaching you?
  • I am sure you have realized that friends and family do not make any business successful. Are you marketing like the success businesses around you? If not, do you feel duped yet? If your odds of success are grim, then are you being honest with those you bring in?
  • Your understanding of Marketing is one thing. Being taught by someone you pay and admire should be something that works right? If not, are you just buying into Hype and a “Entertaining Group” at least? Is that going to achieve your goals and dreams?

We have been blessed beyond.

It continues to pour upon us and without end. In 2008 we committed ourselves to “Pay It Forward” and to share the beautiful life we had created with all that would listen and follow. Then we systematized what we discovered, and away we went. We are now reaching around the Globe. We help those seeking us and what we do. And we come from a place of professional marketing. We literally pay for the marketing and reach to find those that need us. We are really really good at it.

In 2018 we found a way to turn our philanthropy towards our Students. We have ways to get them income immediately so that they can be true to themselves and their tools to build Multiple Streams of Income. Also, we fund the necessary Marketing to bring them clients and customers to the shared programs we thrive in. We literally pay for their marketing.

There are marketing and motivational speakers and “Gurus” out there; and I do believe their core intents are noble. I know because I too am one. Though the abuse of leadership towards the masses when it comes to Marketing is beyond my approval. Further; teaching others to waste time is horrible. We only have 24 hours in the day. How we use them determines the outcome of our lives. I am telling you that you have been instructed to do things that are not ethical nor worth your time.

We do not only teach and train, and pay for your Marketing; but we:

  • Grow your business with you. We support and built a thriving Community to help each other to succeed.
  • Have a full time GLOBAL support infrastructure. Allowing no one to be left behind.
  • Figured out how to eliminated failure. The only way someone will fail is to QUIT.
  • Can get you an INCOME to start with allowing you to focus NOW on your financial future. Because of our other Businesses and Successes, we have methods to create and give income. Allowing a minimum of a 6 month window of $750 a month to allow you to really dive in and focus on getting your income goals where they need to be. Based on requirements, but it costs you NOTHING ever. Not a penny.
  • Allow you to become profitable sooner; because we are covering the marketing and allowing you to grow at 10 to 100 times the Industry Standards. YES, this is where “Big Boy Paid Marketing” (paid for by us) kicks in.
  • Create situations where you are Recognized and Appreciated. Also you get to receive the best things in life as you can pay it forward to help others.

Want to see more. Ask me.

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We teach from experience. And we are Mentors that are Millionaires from doing the exact work we teach and support. There is no teaching of things we did so long ago that the World has already evolved several times since. We work with Billionaires – and share what works today. It is a new way of doing business, and with bleeding edge tools and technologies. Patents, experience and financial backing.

My name is Rory Ricord. My wife is Tanya Ricord. We have 7 children, 2 more making 9 by marriage, and 2 grandchildren. Our entire family supports our RRR247 Family. We are Christian Based and have open arms to help anyone willing to be teachable. If you are God Fearing, and People Loving; you may just love it here.

I tell everyone to have a look at what we do. It is nothing like anything you have seen before. We created it over 3 decades. Pray on it, pray about it. And meditate on your life and where you want to go. We do not need to chase anyone; we want the right people involved. Those that will allow the help, and take it and run with it.

God Bless.