Merriweather Resort in Fort Lauderdale

Mary Joe in the Office of the Merriweather Resort in Fort Lauderdale may just well be the most rude host I have ever encountered. I have been a traveler (by full definition) since I was 17.

My Career choice (yes I started a full on Career in what I still do to this day at the age of 45, turning 46 as I write this Article) has taken me to so many destinations. And NEVER have I had this experience or anything like it. I am jaw-dropped shocked. I am also feeling for the Owner of this establishment as I can only imagine the long term affect to their bottom line.

Now Ft. Lauderdale is a favorite location.

I have a lot of Friends in Florida and whether I go North or South (or West) I have close and dear Friends. It is literally the reason for the choice in Destinations. I am a long long time owner of RCI. Been owning timeshare for decades now. I utilized the point system and traded to stay at the Merriweather Resort. I’ll put the exact address here, just to make sure I am not confusing it with any other location.

I also conduct Business everywhere I go. I literally get to do that. And in this case I had arranged for a dear friend of mine to come and stay with me as we had meetings and work. It is right on the Coast, beaches across the road and lots of places to eat and conduct business. It is during Covid-19 and all, and outside seating was on my list of must haves.

Prior to getting here, Mary Jo called and checked with me if I was still coming. At the time the Hurricane Isaias was looking to land right where I was staying. She asked me which floor I wanted, 1, 2 or 3. I said the 3rd. She told me they didn’t have an Elevator. I replied I could use the steps. I asked for a room with a view straight to the Ocean and she offered me 301 which was on the corner.

Perfect. Things seemed set.

I told her I was getting in around 10am on the 2nd if all went well with my changed flights and the Hurricane and all. She gave me her number in case it was after 7 and otherwise to go to the office to get my keys and parking pass. This was exceptional service and made me feel great about the arrangement.

Mary Joe is clearly concerned about her newly enacted No Smoking anywhere but by the Barbecue in the Front of the Property only policy. She called me about it before I got here. We also worked out that with the Hurricane and all my room may need to be moved. Apparently water can come in through the windows in high rain. And if so she would move me.

As the Weather changed and the Hurricane went away from my destination I was really looking forward to the corner room.

I had already pictured setting up at the window to write my blog pages and work on my book. Incredible right?

I didn’t change my airline plans and per normal was just going to stay my course. Which I did, and it turned and went away while I was in the air heading to Atlanta. Now I book a week at a time when I use my RCI Points, and because I was coming in Early, my week started the 1st, even though I was arriving on the 2nd. Originally 4 am on the 2nd, but with the Airlines changing flights, my non-stop became a 1 stop through Atlanta.

While in Atlanta I received another Call from Mary Joe. Apparently they were having issues with the Televisions in some of the rooms and my previously assigned and as requested room 301 was one of them. I told her that it was not an issue as I do not watch TV at all. And I really do not. I am also going to this destination to work. I do not watch TV. She joked about it, said she loves TV. We discussed what I do, and left it that I would be there soon.

I got in and to the Resort.

There was no one at the counter or office. As instructed, should I have an issue, to call Mary Joe. I called her. She was a bit less nice as before and said that the person there, Sharon is probably just on the Property somewhere. I was early, as my flight was better than planned as the Hurricane totally slipped to the East and away from land. Mary Joe told me that they had my room ready, it was 302. I said OK, and said I would just wait.

I patiently waited. Sharon, who was very nice got me keys and parking pass and covered things. Even though I do not Smoke, I was once again thoroughly informed about the ONLY SMOKING location, that was 1 person at a time by the BBQ in the front of the Property. I was more concerned that my room I asked for was not what I received. But went up to 302 with Sharon as she said she wanted to check the TV. I agreed, though told her I wouldn’t be using it anyway. I didn’t either.

Well, later that day as I got going I met my neighbor who was in 301.

Apparently they got there on the 1st… and my working out a room with Mary Joe was not exactly what was going to happen. And I’m sure the TV situation was an attempt to move me without telling me that they gave 301 on the Corner of the top – with the best view to someone else.

If you go by someone’s WORD, I would say they suck here with Mary Joe. I’ll tell you the rest, she is winning the Worst Person award in hospitality. See on the 5th, my best friend Nile came to stay with me. He is a Smoker. Though down to a few a day. I know, because I work to support him quitting. He gets it as well. I called to get him a parking pass, and they instantly asked if he smoked and to go into their policy again. They really drilled it in.

I informed him that Nile was great and smokes few these days, and that I’ll pass the information on. I also agreed to meet Sharon (who I was dealing with for the Pass) when Nile got to the Resort.

When Nile got in… we went into the office.

Sharon once again covered in full detail the Non Smoking and Smoking only in the Designation by the BBQ. We went on about our evening.

On the following day at lunchtime, Nile and I were with 2 of our esteemed business partners. I received a call from Mary Joe. She was upset and raising her voice. She accused Nile of smoking and putting ashes all over the shared balcony Area on the 3rd floor and causing guests to have to go into their room because of it.

I was also told that she confronted him at the front of the property because he was lighting up away from the BBQ designated area.

I told her that Nile was really good about things, and that I would talk to him.

She told me that she would be calling RCI and getting my Credit Card for fees. She was yelling at me. And kept repeating the threat.

I stayed calm, and was literally in front of my business partners. Because of this being a shock, I was not believing that this lady was really calling to yell at me over Nile lighting up a Cigarette at the end of the Property. I was violated during my business time and for this?

I told her I understood and would talk to him. Said “I get it”.

I was not saying much as this call had interrupted a meeting, and I was regretting answering it. Getting a call from the place you are staying to get yelled at over something that is NOT necessary is completely out of line. I was shocked… and then I realized that there must be something horrible in this Woman’s life that she need to lash out. She needed to call me, during my day, while I was a visitor to literally YELL, repeat yelling at me. And it didn’t stop.

She then yelled “You Get What”. I stayed calm and said, “I get that he needs to be in the designated Smoking Area. I do not believe he was smoking and ashing anywhere, as I had not seen it. But I would make sure he knew”. Because I guess I wasn’t getting it the way she wanted me too? She again yelled at me and stated her threats to contact RCI and get me removed from the Resort. Then she also again yelled that she would be getting my Credit Card to charge for fees. She will most likely do so, and I’ll be informing the World that this is not a place to go for peace. Be ready for outrage and interruptions should you or a guest not comply fully with their rules, boundaries and more.

I am not sure what fees are for smoking outside. For a fact, I know that there was never smoking in the room.

I spoke with Nile who told me about her confronting him as he was lighting up and was 2 steps from being on the public sidewalk and away from the Property. He said he apologized and went on. There is no ordinance where I can find that the Merriweather Resort is allowed to condemn smoking outside of the current County statutes. But here they are.

Nile later, was in the Designated Smoking Section. There was another Smoker, also a guest staying here at the Merriweather Resort.

Apparently they had had more of the same type of encounters. They also were told more – and were watched closely while using the pool. This location is ran by a controlling, yelling and disrespectful person.

Mary Joe, I feel may be an ex-smoker that is hateful on things.

I have received the message, and have been told off as I was calm and respectful to her obvious issue. I am not a fan of the smoking smell and all things with it myself, and had not seen or been part of anything she was stating. Being that I was working all hours, had it been an issue I would have known. The thing is, most smokers are used to harsh treatment as compared to non-smokers. They know it sucks, and they want to quit. While this seems to be the way of things here at the Merriweather Resort, it is not right.

And my friend is very polite when it comes to his smoking around anyone. This is not a resort for anyone that Smokes. And that is the case. It is also not a place for anyone looking to not follow anything to the letter of things. Its a serious place for sure. Because he is civil person, and happy almost always, Nile did not want me pushing it with the Merriweather Resort. I will tell you that the Merriweather Resort doesn’t have the right to be like this. And I am hoping that others will come forward. To think how pretty it is here, to know that an abusive person is here running the place, wow.

If you have kids – apparently they get yelled at while using the pool quite often as well.

I did not bring kids, but if anyone else was treated like I was, I doubt they would stand for it. My wife would have lost it on her. And still may. This is not ok. I am not sure “YET” as to who owns this Resort. But I’ll tell you as a Business Owner, she would NEVER work for me. HORRIBLE.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know, I strongly suggest anyone that has an issue with this Merriweather Resort, you should go here and RATE IT. Owners need to know. I would FIRE her. This is something incredible to see. In all the travels I have done, NEVER have I had an experience such as this. I am beyond shocked.

I was out for most of the day. Got in later in the Evening and was relieved my access card worked. After the call I was pretty sure I’d be seeing my stuff tossed into the pool and was going to get a new room somewhere where the Hospitality Staff wouldn’t be calling to yell at me during my day.

Mary Joe could use some WINE.