Welcome to a Crypto “Project” we have been in called NovaTech. These are the STEPS TO BECOME A PART OF THIS “INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY”. Please review everything including the disclaimers.


Steps to Get Started:

  1. Go the Enrollment Page Here. You will need to set up with your account and then Invest (what you can – and we suggest only what you can consider “GONE” and not be affected by).
  2. Select your Entry Point. Suggested, we went in with what we were comfortable with. And watched it GROW. The way they invest and build is working out nicely. (UPDATED 2.11.23).
  3. Know it is NOT a GUARANTEE. They have 4 years of success. And regulations and STATE by STATE friction on Crypto is all together changing.


There is a lot of details about NovaTech online, because they have been around for years. Novatech is an Online forex and cryptocurrency tradingInvestment company.

Founder and CEO of NovaTech, LTD is Cynthia Petion who is a business development specialist and the founder and CEO of NovaTech, LTD, which is reported as a successful forex and cryptocurrency trading platform. This is how it was brought to me, and it has been impressive in the performance. Even during Bullish Times.

Google it a ton, as you need to. We did. And we started it out like we were at the “Craps” Table in Vegas. And very pleased with the outcomes.


We are not Investment Advisers. This is for Entertainment and Education Purposes Only. This is a share of what we have found and are participating in. We are an Associate and do gain benefit from their Referral Program. Staggs Loan Processing, Inc. Associate ID 424956

We are INDEPENDENT. Not Employed or Hired Consultant with this Company. We have been Crypto Believers, Fans, and Early Adopters. Learning from the Industry and willing to Invest with the Attitude and Understanding We Feel is Important as an Investor.

Investing, Like almost all Opportunities (See One that is Guaranteed Here) come with RISK. There is gains to be had, but losses are always a possibility. We never invest funds we cannot afford to lose.