October 2021

Below is a journaling of events and posts (along with extra details and such) for October 2021. To keep on top of things, my favorite focus for our Community is here on “The 5 Top Items for Christmas 2021”. For legacy purposes, the shops are going to be dry on fun things for the Holidays. We have found solutions to offer up to the World that can be delivered. They are items that are HOT, and IN STOCK. These incredible FINDS are ready, more than, for the Holiday Demand.


October 25:

We (Tanya, Nile, Stephanie and I) went for Shabu Shabu. SEE THE POST & IMAGES HERE. See IMAGES HERE.

What is not fully covered here is that we were enjoying some incredible food, Japanese Shabu Shabu. Or Hot Pot. This was a first for Stephanie, and Tanya was really wanting to take her there. So after a nice drive and discussion up the Canyon (where Alta and Snowbird are) we enjoyed some food and further conversation about the future and things to come.

October 23:

This is a very special day and Occassion for both Tanya and I, and well, our entire Family and Extended Family. It is the Wedding day for our Oldest Son Gaven Dorr and his incredible and Beautiful Bride Chloe Brenneman (Now Dorr). This day was perfect… and it was again, extremely special.

We are waiting on the photos from the Pro’s we hired, but you can see several in the Album located on the Post From This Day HERE.

Here is the ALBUM – and we will update it as we can!

October 22:

Ronnie Eith For Mayor. There is some great things happening with us here with RRR247. We are gaining some incredible Joint Ventures and Partnerships to help us to help as many Families Financially around the Globe that we can. When the VISION is pulling in others, its incredible.

See the POST HERE! It has an incredible video on Ronnie – and his quest for Mayor. Bring back MIAMI BEACH!!!

In case you are seeing this, and probably missing other posts of fun and excitement, see all my posts with more comments and updates and extra explanations here: https://rory3.com/october-2021/