Perseverance – With it you will go far.

When it comes to Perseverance; life is not always but a moment. In fact it is usually a series of things that creates life. We have defining moments, sure. Because we are human and make mistakes; we also become better as we overcome those mistakes.


Being successful in anything takes Perseverance. And especially when building a business and creating something grand. You do not just get to have it easy. For if it was easy; everyone would be doing it.

It is so sad to me. People will take a guarantee of a Fraction of what they are worth and deserve as humans on this planet; instead of taking risk and gaining access to the unseen riches and possibilities that are available to anyone willing to show up to get it.

Building a business is not for the weak of mind and heart. Quitters will never see a business from start to success. They’ll quit. And it takes a lot of ups and downs. There are no guarantees; and those that do not venture do not grow.

Had I not failed in many things and yet persevered forward;

I would not have created the incredible RRR247 System we have today. This is an amazing System. One I had a vision for its creation for years before I started to build it for real.

It took 13 years of incredible Perseverance and a true Love for the Vision I had to create a way to help hundreds of thousands of people. I had no guarantees of income from it. In fact my family had to support it with labor, enormous hours and sacrifice. And from 2005 things were driving me forward. In 2008 it became a “Have To Build” for my soul. Over a decade later (12 years by the time I wrote out this Blogging Page about it) we had no absolutes on anything.

It was in 2017, after finding the correct Anchor Offer to make it work for our Students that things became absolutely worth it. Up until this point we had been pouring the family’s fortunes into building up RRR247.

Perseverance allowed it all to happen.

Having the proper habits of Integrity, Grit, and Perseverance; we were blessed to have the Financial Fortitude to allow the ability to pour into a new and (even for us) large direction.

What is now RRR247 – is a PROVEN SYSTEM that allows anyone that follows it a way to Succeed. A way to creating multiple streams of Income. So they can share and enjoy in Time and Financial Freedom. We have done the work to make sure it can work. We eliminated the top reasons for failure. Literally the only way for it to not work is for the person to quit. To literally not take advantage of everything we put into place for them and their success.

We Created a Smorgasbord; an “All You Can Eat” Success Buffett.

Just bring your own:

  • Initial Starting Expenses. Hosting of $97 activation and initial 90 days of hosting fees. (That is the lights to your online Business). Then it is just $28.95 every 90 days. Or less than $10 a month.
  • Optional Expenses to get going and maintaining businesses. These are selected by the RRR247 Leadership because they WORK.
  • As Qualified: We get you going with our “Win-Win” Marketing Solution. This is a “NO COST TO YOU EVER” Program that gives you $750 a month, for a minimum of 6 months. To Bridge your income as you build the Marketing Systems we teach you to use and grow with.
  • Perseverance: You need to bring this. You do not know the things we will be teaching you. So you need to learn, not quit. You will be needing to change habits, and making time for your business with us. No quitting.
  • Perseverance with Understanding that we are in it to WIN when you WIN. You will not be paying for our ongoing training and support. In fact as you get going, we will be FUNDING your Marketing to help you grow. We need you to Understand we are investing into your Future. We know what we do works so well, we back it up with our Cash. You need to NOT QUIT.
  • You need to have Integrity. To yourself, to us, and to all you work with. We rely on each other. Honor your word. If we all do what we say we will do, everyone wins faster.

Want To Know Something That Gets Me Every Time?

This is something that gets to me each and every time it happens. It is the cause of a “Broke Mindset”. It comes from Fear. And if it comes from Fear, it is from a place of weakness.

Everyone that is an actual part of the Leadership and Instructor Core of RRR247 knows this fact. IT WORKS. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS.

We provide the System and Training for the System. It covers everything from getting started, to getting going to getting Successful. There are virtually no limits to the amount of Success in Time and Financial Freedom and Resources it can create.

  • First, we thoroughly explain the entire process.
  • We will spend HOURS to support and train them.
  • They will commit and get going.
  • Then when it doesn’t create instant and immediate Success beyond measure (something that is NEVER promised or even remotely possible for this or anything else for that matter) they look to do the “Broke Minded Thing”. That is to Quit.
  • Nothing Great comes Easy.
  • Nor does anything Real come without Work, Sacrifice, and… wait for it… wait for it… Perseverance!

These same people that are worried that they will fail; that they will have nothing or very little for their efforts and work. They look past the Social Proof of thousands succeeding with us; and look only at a way to justify their desire to Quit. They are literally so comfortable with a life of:

  • Working 40 Hours a Week for the Man.
  • Then working for 40 years, only too
  • Retire Broke with 40{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} of what they were making (if they set up retirement even).
  • Not ready for uncertainty, inflation, or changes in everything that can occur anytime in our changing World Environment.

They will look past the Work and Proof of a Very System and Structure that provides them with everything they need to Succeed.

Everything except for the NEEDS they need to bring to the table.

  • They have to be willing to show up to their own rescue.
  • Then they need to allow the training, support, and Marketing Investments to do their thing.
  • And they Need to do the Work necessary to build and take advantage of the automation and tools. Like letting their Performance Blogging System work for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They need to SHOW UP.

Yeah, I get the question of “Will it be worth it for me to do this” had it been something they were doing all on their own. Heck, it took me decades to figure all the things out that I did. It was major Perseverance.

But to be a part of something so AWESOME, so put together, so proven? Anyone that is involved in RRR247 has it made. They just need to SHOW UP. The income potential is truly up to them, because they need to make it happen. But with proven tools and resources.

Again.. we proved the Success Smorgasbord; they need only show up and refuse to quit. You know… Perseverance.