Plos Something Extra

Welcome to plôs thermo. Plos with the accents allows it to be called “plus”. And it is a trademarked and unique solution that is working for us! While we are already proud of our life enhancing, life changing, and life fulfilling product lines of bran, uuth, and zlem; now we take it even further with plôs thermo. With plôs thermo it is about having that something extra to add to your success plans and journey. Getting to your ideal weight is difficult and never happens as fast as we want it. Asa result, we have the Bio-Hacking Genus of plôs thermo to help us with our morning brew.


We begin with plôs thermo. An extra something to kick up your weightloss and fat destroying wants and desires. This is not about changing your favorite coffee. OH NO. We fully get it. We love our specific coffees. And while its a great addition for some caffeine we had our bio-hacking science geniuses put together something fantastic.

Simply “SNAP” this into your favorite Coffee as a Creamer (a little of this for a little of umph). And you are well onto your way to enjoying bio-hacking wonder of fat reduction and more. Get ready to feel the awesomeness from the moment you drink your Coffee and the “Something Extra” we call plôs thermo.

This new bio-hacking success joins its family of success that has been helping people all over feel happier, healthier and just more awesome.

  • Better Sleep
  • Loss of unwanted Pounds and Inches (while sleeping)
  • Better Mindsets and Clarity. Ending Brain Fog and making sharp minds again.
  • Incredible Hair, Nails and Skin with the #1 Liquid Collagen product.
  • Libido and Increased Blood and Circulation with our S7 containing product lines.
  • And Now with plôs thermo we get to feel great and turn up the fat burning in our bodies.

Simply “SNAP” the contents of plôs thermo directly into your cup of coffee, hot tea, or beverage of choice to take advantage of this incredible “something more”.

See more details on the accompanying products here in our Bio-Hacking page.

We are here to share these life enhancing, life impacting products around the globe.