prevail k 9

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Prevail K-9

Prevail K-9™ has been molecularly charged through a patent-applied proprietary manufacturing process. This process works to positively influence the red blood cells at a molecular level inducing increased osmotic pressure and intra-cellular homeostasis.​ In other words, its science, it works, and you want this for your Dog.

Prevail K-9™ is a nutritional breakthrough that delivers a rapid increase of internal blood cell pressure to speed absorption. The nano-sized electrolytes are small enough to penetrate the cell membranes and to be carried wherever they are needed in your pet’s body.

When you use Prevail K-9™, your dog will instantly feel more energy. This leads to an abundance of health like never before! Your dog deserves Prevail K9™. You will tell they feel better, and they will have an even better life with you because of this incredible product.

One of the most important features of a healthy red blood cells in your dog is the ability to maintain maximum hydration. This is also referred to as osmotic pressure. Under a microscope, this essential characteristic is similar to a fully inflated basketball. Where the cell becomes round and tight. Because electromagnetically charging the cells enhances their osmotic pressure; it induces rapid cellular hydration and the ability to carry oxygen, vitamins, and minerals into the cells.


  • Prevail K-9™ is a supercharged, proprietary blend of nano-sized (trace) electrolytes. These electrolytes charge your pets cells.This will then re-inflate them, and space them apart so they can float freely through their body.

  • Prevail K-9

    Once they are apart and have regained a healthy shape and fluidity. So therefore, the cells can absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins at a much higher capacity.

  • We find it very cool knowing that both nutrients and oxygen are delivered inside the cells at a superior rate.

  • Quick to use. Your pet will love you for it! (Just 4 sprays into their water!)

  • Takes only seconds to give this to our Dogs.

  • Our dogs feel results in their life within minutes and it lasts for hours!

  • Easy to share this information with other Dog Owners. Especially when based on your pets experience! (Big topic at the Dog Park, or Pet Store, or anywhere you see a loving Dog Owner!). I’ve been told it is great for Cats as well, though we only have dogs. (SEE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR MORE INFO ON REWARDS FOR SHARING THIS)

  • Patent-pending technology unlike any other in the world.

  • Sadly, today’s average pet has what veterinarians call “sticky blood”. This is caused from everyday occurrences; and we have the solution to help this!

  • Issues with the Food our Dogs Eat: Dogs love food, and (table scraps) fatty foods, increased sugar consumption and/or poor pet-food only add to a poor life as our best friends age. Also, certain animal medications including Vaccinations; along with environmental stress cause red blood cells to stick together and “stack up” like a roll of coins. This then prevents nutrients from being properly absorbed by our dogs. (Or other pets for that matter too).

  • This ground-breaking technology is so revolutionary that the results are visible under a microscope in just minutes. Science is amazing, let this work for your Dog’s best health.

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