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I am going to start out this Article with a copy of the email I just sent to the 3 Main Persons I work with over at Reseller Consultants.

reseller consultants

Email as Sent 9.23.2023. And today I realized that this has truly blessed so many thousands of people. And more and more by the day. This is a program that literally gives people a 2nd Chance to get their life and family economy going. Its the Kindling to a Fire when applied to the Online Earnings we teach.


Jerry, Louie and Aric:

I want to send in a huge Thank You for what we have been able to do in the past years, but especially in the past 4 years and 10 months now. This program has created the means for so many of our Students to be able to afford the “Income Changing” path we collectively create.

Taking the needs of Big Online Sales and Marketing Processes and sharing the results in a Win-Win-Win process has saved Mortgages, Marriages and the Futures of so many. The knowledge with the resources is truly a God-Send.

We are all beyond excited at how many more lives we can change and alter to “wealth” and not “poverty” in the coming decades ahead.

Cannot wait to give you all hugs when I see you next!

-Rory Ricord

I can literally go on and on about what this program has allowed to be accomplished:

  • The Win This Creates for our Student allows them to have resources to Build their Income Streams with. It is such a huge thing to be given resources. And what you do with them can absolutely change the outcome. Paying off debt, creating cashflow, and gaining education to allow you to create more cashflow.
  • The Win this Creates for the Reseller Consultants. Is the ability to grow and create more and more opportunity. There is a huge need for this solution, and with the right partners only.
  • The other Win is how it allows us to Share and Grow with others we Love and Care for. This has been built to grow and grow. To sustain growth and fulfill the needs of Sales and Marketing solutions for In Demand Products and Services. This is helping SMALL and MEDIUM businesses. Furthermore; helping big tech and big corps to be challenged by the little guys. And that is awesome.

There is a huge Benefit to what this program creates. See “The Benefits of Reseller Consultants” here. And I’ll happily spell out the possibilities and how to become a larger part of this.

Our Online Community is Stacked with Solutions and Ways to Create a Better Life. Contact Us Here. We are standing by to help anyone wanting and willing to Receive Training and Education about the Internet in Resources, Income Streams and Community. Contact Us Here For More Details.