Rory Ricord and the Creation of VMarketing

Hello, this is Rory Ricord and my wife Tanya and I are the Co-Founders of RRR247. RRR247 is a combination of components created and put into place to bring Success to those that follow what we have created and put in place to better the World one Family Economy at a time. To put this into a perspective of understanding, I will be copyrighting the overviews and summary of what VMarketing is. And in order to get to that, I am going to spell out what VMarketing was created for.

VMARKETING was created to allow “PAID MARKETING”, funded by myself and my wife Tanya to allow any of our Students in our RRR247 Marketing Family and Online Community to have everything they needed at their disposal to:

“Do What I DO; and Get What I GET!”

Yeah, GURU’S always have a great Story and Success to present. In my experience, there is always more to what make its truly work for them. While they may share what they do, there are things that not everyone can do. These are the true key elements that made it work out the way it did for them. Then they decide to teach it. To be a true Servant of your God Given Talents (and face it, those are behind any True Guru) you need to be able to Identify and find a way to benefit those you share with the benefits of that as well.

Before 2018, I could teach everything and support anyone. Though it would take several thousands of Marketing Dollars weekly to gain as I have. It also takes a keen knowledge, passion, and ability to create and tell the Marketing Story/Presentation to properly Market with the methods as taught. The latter I have been able to provide since 2008. See I create the Marketing Presentation, and allow any and all of our students to use the same as proven by me to market with. With the completed PBS and adding in the Vm

Now we switch to Editor Mode for introduction and Explanation of Rory, Tanya, RRR247, PBS, and then VMarketing and how it all fits together to solve the Family Economy allowing true Time and Financial Freedom to be available to all that jump in and take advantage of what we put in place:


Rory is the Author of Marketing Is Freedom. This is the user manual that connects the education and methods of marketing as educated and put into place with Rory and the RRR247 Marketing Family and Online Community. If you haven’t read it, you need too. And if you are here looking to see what this is about; read this so you can get a feel for the “Truth” that is here.

Rory is the-Creator of the Performance Blogging System (PBS). See a 13 minute video explaining the highlights of this here. This is the System that takes how we all consume and allows it to occur in an online Web System and Presence. Crisp, Clean, Simple. It creates an information and easy to navigate experience leading consumers to incredible products and services. This done in the methods of education and knowledge provided by Rory and Tanya allows for incredible things to happen for the students.

Rory is also the Creator of Link Post Blogging. He has been doing this proven Content/SEO process since 1997. Developed and perfected for today. Constant training is provided to the RRR247 Marketing Family and Online Community. See Schedule of Training Here. It is available for all Students of Rory and Tanya’s. Anyone that has entered the Student Training Access is welcome to attend.

What Rory and Tanya have in Understanding with RRR247 and what it stands for:

RRR is for the training Rory has been doing for decades now on Reset, Refocus, Recommit. The core mental steps and focus to keep on your path to achieve your Goals. Life gets in the way, interruptions are constant. It is the mental tools and habits of “RRR” that gets you back on track.

247 is for the 24 hours in a day and the 7 days in a week. We build online success. Utilizing the Internet that is always on. Working in all time zones and in all locations of our Globe. Because we are not working in the old model of slavery; or the Employer / Employee relationship we are where it is best for all. The Partnership Relationship. Working together to allow us to make money based on Actions in Marketing. Working Smarter and with Technologies, Proprietary Processes and Tools, combined to allow everyone to gain in success. This is Success that is available all day, every day.

RRR247 the Marketing Family and Online Community. Building to the Vision of what had to be to create and support the backing for the entire vision of RRR247. Firstly; the RRR247 Marketing Family is constructed with People Serving People. Put together in a fashion where it is a Win Win for all. The more we help the Students coming into RRR247 Succeed the more the Leadership gains.

RRR247 Began in 2008. And there is a huge timeline to share. This is where things have begun and where they are heading. It is always great to remember where you came from. The history tells the story:


Rory Began Building the Performance Blogging System. “PBS was BORN”. Due to changed in GOOGLE’s process for indexing content and web pages; huge changes made the PBS as it is today possible. Rory and Tanya committed to build the process and systems to teach the real methods of marketing online. Utilizing the PBS and


Technology Team talks Rory into starting Students out with Copy of Rory’s Own Active and Successful PBS. This sped up the time of students completing their PBS. Tech Team was involved in teaching Students along with Rory. And by listening and dealing with the training of students, making it easier was the focus. As a Result, things continued progressing to become easier and easier.


August 16th the #1 Anchor Offer was Identified. Rory put this into test in October 2016. Proven “Home Run” in November 2016.

December 2016 it is launched out on a Student Training Call. First Tuesday of December 2016. This changed the success pace for many. Several are able to go Full Time in building their PBS and supporting the RRR247 Marketing Family and Online Community.


July. Rory finalizes testing and implementation of #2 Anchor Offer.

August (August is a great Month it seems) Rory and God hit the head of the success nail driving into the Foundation of RRR247 and the PBS with “The Flow”. The process of explanation and BRT that allows Instructors to convey and explain the PBS and how it works.


January. With the huge Success of “The Flow” and the absolute progression of both Anchors #1 and #2 working together, VMarketing is Born. The philanthropy of Rory and Tanya Ricord kicks into full gear. Now not only can Rory and Tanya support the Instructors and Leadership of RRR247 with “Paid Marketing” but they open it up to all students.

September: Anchor #1 becomes an issue. Rory and Tanya connect with Brett Hudson and become Owner/Operator/CEO/Compliance of new Anchor #1. Improvements at all levels put into place. Securing the future of RRR247 and the PBS Relevance of Marketing.


June. Rory is set up for HUGE SUCCESS for all of RRR247 with his Mentor Kosta Gara. Kosta brings out a new Company launched in May 2020. Rory connects and gets to testing the products and understanding the direction and Vision Kosta and Jeff Mack have for the Company. Rory brings Nile out to Fort Lauderdale to meet up with Kosta. Testing has commenced and Rory is proving sales in the PBS with bran.

November. Anchor Offer #1 goes into OWN Brands and labels. Huge Goals Met. Virtual Convention with Leadership out of Orlando Florida occurs. Setting up huge marketing progressions with the Grapevine and more.

December: Clearly Kosta’s Company is outperforming the previous Anchor #2. It becomes the Anchor #2.


February. Kosta’s Company has Launch Convention. Blows the Minds of all that Attend. Rory and Tanya (Tanya was 100 percent instantly) combine with Kosta and Jeff to roll out Events. We have our needed Anchors #1 and #2. Both set up to last the test of time and both backed by solid success. We are secure.

September. Orlando Event that sets the mode. JW Marriot Orlando Bonnet Creek. This was incredible. And continued the Model of training and growth needed.


April. Dallas, TX Leadership Event. Proof of proper decisions is seen and experienced by many.

July. Rory removes 30 pages from the starting PBS System for New Students and VIP Students. Making things easier than ever to get up, going and ready for the success possible.

September 5th (Labor Day). Anchor #1 Event in Napa, CA.

July. Rory removes friction in the VMarketing Process for Students and Instructors. Improving things to an entirely new level. Built for better results, consistency and economic gains.

September 22nd thru 26th. Anchor #2 Event in Dallas, TX. Rolling out the incredible Leadership Training for Communicating and Betterment in Self and Team. The July Roll-Out of new VMarketing, modified for incredible gains. It is all coming together. Progression.

NEW VMarketing launches July 2022:

This completes the flow of success. VMarketing is an incredible and awesome (there needs to be a larger word of explanation for this) addition to the success of this entire Eco-System we call RRR247. This is where the “Paid Marketing” is turned into even more Success for those that utilize it.

Student Prospect is Created. Several “Legs of Marketing” are put into making this occur. Rory and Tanya Ricord have the process of Students coming into RRR247 through incredible and “Not Available Anywhere Else” for this. Hundreds of Student Prospects come through the Education and Implementation process daily.

  • Students Prospects Come into the Presentation and Specialist Processes. From Direct Connection from becoming a Student to Connecting with a Specialist or Instructor. There are several ways this process occurs. Including VMarketing. Allowing all aspects of Success to be made available to the Students. So everyone “CAN DO WHAT RORY DOES, so they CAN GET WHAT RORY GETS”.
  • Students work with Specialists/Instructors to get established with their PBS (The Core System where all the Success is connected through and into). BRT Process.
  • Students are then trained by Instructors on “The Art of Performance Blogging”. This is done in four sessions.
  • Session 1 gets them into an understanding on how and why the PBS works. They get to begin with Anchor #1. Get into some awesome eye opening homework for Session 2.
  • After completing the homework, they go into the Session 2 Training.
  • In Session 2, they get into Anchor Offer #2. And as ready into the homework for VMARKETING
  • Session

See this in a WORD DOC FLOW with more explanations here.

We get people in, get them success, and grow and develop them to be a bigger part of this incredible Utopian Environment. Creating Multiple Streams of Income.

Firstly; Students get into the process of Performance Blogging. This then gets them into the Power of Marketing utilizing the Internet, and the tools of Marketing being applied to Blogging. There is a lot to this, and its a lesson to be learned by anyone wanting to create Multiple Streams of Income.

Secondly; Students get into Paid Marketing with VMarketing. While it “Paid” it is also “Paid For” by and through Rory and Tanya Ricord. However; it is up to the Student to “Receive” and then take advantage of the Paid Marketing. As a result; Anyone can follow and get what Rory gets.

Thirdly; Anyone that refuses to quit can make this happen. It become easy, but it is new and challenging for most. Until it is not.

Fourthly; There is a non-stop support system in place to ensure the success of all those that jump in. So Jump in!