Rory Ricord Audiobook

There is a Rory Ricord Audiobook. It is titled Marketing Is Freedom, and we are super proud of the book in its entirety.

When it came time to find a voice to portray the essence of the book, Rory himself was the initial thought. Though the guy is super busy, and performs so much better in person than in even reading his own work.

It had to be a voice with power behind the message.

That voice was found in using the same voice as used by Kosta Gara in his Audiobook of Organic Networker. David L. White.

When you get to know David, he is one of us. He has been married for over 30 years to his “lovely wife”. They have a son, a daughter and 3 grandchildren.

Rory was on a huge quest, and auditioned several for the role. Tanya also was in search. Both loved the Audio voice on Kosta’s Audiobook, though knowing it was connected to Kosta meant it was one of the best. That also meant high in demand, and may be a ways out.

More and more auditions came in, and Rory especially, being that Marketing Is Freedom represents his life’s work, passion and is the story of more than 32 years of his life was very sentimental to who read his work. Tanya had enjoyed many of the auditions, but they weren’t to the likings of what was the voice of Kosta’s Audiobook.

Rory, as the story goes contacted Kosta and made a request. Kosta got ahold of David, who agreed to take a look at Rory’s book. David made it fit into a time scale the Rory could in excitement live with. And the rest they say is history.

Be sure to check out to gain access to this very work of Rory’s. The added benefit of the voice talent by David L. White is going to add to the complete effect. This was indeed a job well done. FOr the first of its kind, this Rory Ricord Audiobook will not let you down.

Enjoy this Rory Ricord Audiobook as you:

  • Drive back and forth from the JOB that you can replace entirely by following the teaching and knowledge with in the book “Marketing Is Freedom“.
  • Get ready for the day, listening to one of many key chapters in how to change your mindset and way of thinking.
  • Listen with your children to help guide them on a path of learning as they go out into the World to find out who they are to become.

We know you will enjoy this incredible book, and believe you will enjoy listening to the Voice Talent of David L. White as he delivers it perfectly.