RRR247 Opportunity Review

This is a Business Plan type overview of what the RRR247 Opportunity Review is. We will explain it in steps.

We will break them down here:

  • Firstly; Get set up with your own PBS (Performance Blogging System). If you do not have an Instructor to do this with, call us at 877-310-5353 (or go to Contact Us for full hours we are available) any day of the week. Extended Business Hours Apply.
  • Secondly; Go through the “Flow” as you are walked through getting things up and going. This is Session #1 and Session #2. Getting you set up with our #1 and #2 Anchor Offers. As well as gaining an understanding of the Circular Processes that allow us to create Multiple Streams of Income as Performance Bloggers.
  • Thirdly; Then you will continue through training in Session #3 and Session #4. This is rounding out getting your PBS modified to where you are the Author. This is updating the pages for the Anchor Offers and the Kiosk Offers to have your links for your compensation. You will be set up with the Kiosk Offers and will have over 50 different ways to get paid from the “Offer Pages” and Circular Marketing connecting to them all. And getting you ready to participate even more with what we have to build up success here.
  • Fourthly; You complete getting your initial PBS authored by you. And you get your Google AdSense Partnership going. While this is being worked on, and as you are able to absorb it all; we continue in Parallel with the following:

THEN WE KEEP PROGRESSING – this is where we take something built with a solid Foundation and Really Apply Growth and Leverage to it.

  • Fifthly; Then it is getting you involved with working your 3 Legs Of Marketing within your Initial Set up with your PBS. Leg 1: SEO and Content Marketing. Leg 2: Link Posting and Article Posting. Leg 3: Social Medial Marketing and Posting.
  • Sixthly; Moving from there into the application of Session #3 of VMarketing. Utilizing additional Legs of Marketing as you work with your Instructors, and Master System Instructor to take advantage of Paid Marketing.
  • Seventhly; Then as you are ready, moving into the application of Session #4 of our Instructor Process. Where you will receive full access to the Paid Marketing and More that is offered through Rory and Tanya for you to support your PBS Student and Instructor Teams.
  • Eighthly; While doing this, you will be rewarded in incredible ways. This is not only to help you and your Teams Grow; but to help us all Grow. As a result, you have access to incredible REWARDS in Experience and Time Poured into you by Rory, Tanya and Leadership. Furthermore, we all get to be a steady part of an ongoing betterment process that is invested into you.

We are so excited to have seen this Business Plan come together. Now let’s all make the most of it.

See the Rewards as Tracked and Offered by Going Here!

-Rory and Tanya Ricord