Session 1 (The Flow)

Welcome to Session 1. We call this “The Flow” as in how we start to learn and apply the education here to build your Performance Blogging System into a successful way for you to earn in Multiple Ways with us.



Now we will take a walk-thru of your PBS, and explain the layout of it, and show you where the #1 Anchor Offer is located:

Here is the VIDEO PRESENTATION to watch that is also on your /fine-wines page as shown in the PBS Walk-Thru Video Above:

Join our #1 Anchor Offer with your Instructor. Your Instructor will be guiding you through this process. You will be receiving this through an enrollment link in an Email with the Subject Line of: “PBS SESSION #2”.

Then its time to modify your links in your Wine Pages:

Now that this is done. Its about getting into the Homework. You will have an email from your Instructor. The email will have the subject line of: “Homework – Help”.

As you complete Episode-8 through Items #4, you will then gain access to Session 2. We are getting closer to you having full access to build your Performance Blogging System correctly, and to gain in Marketing. It is important to complete Session 1, before advancing.

This is a system that is set up on layered learning. As a result of this, it is important to follow things. What you learn in the STEPS allows you to understand the NEXT STEP. If you are ever not sure, be sure to get with your Instructor for clarity. It is important that you advance through the STEPS in order, and that you are understanding each Step before you go to the next one.


This is an incredible World of Marketing. It is also something that changes and adapts. For this reason we have several set training calls and meetings. These are done in online Classrooms.