Session 2

Welcome to Session 2. You need to have finished items #1, 2, 3 and 4 on EPISODE-8. It is important that you have completed that before going forward.

If you have completed those, then please begin your Session 2 by watching this Video First:

Your Instructor will be walking you through this point. It is important that you get enrolled in the proper position for your Instructor to guide and assist your business growth. You will be receiving this in an email. It will have the subject line of: Anchor #2 and Offer Links for STEP 2. These are the Kiosk Offers.

In this email, you will have the link you need to use to enroll in the #2 Anchor Offer, Velovita.

Now that you are set up with our #2 Anchor Offer, here is how you modify the LINKS so you get the credit (instead of Rory):

Now that we have covered the #1 and #2 Anchor Offers, let’s get you set up with the Kiosk Offers:


  • CashNetwork Direct: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER). Pays out direct commissions on our “Kiosk” Offers. These are our Direct to RRR247 Offers that we Roll out on the Tuesday Night PBS Student Training Calls. The majority of our “Kiosk” Offers come from this private Network.
  • TippingCircle: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).Pays based on your level. This is tied to our Performance Giving Network. You should have been walked thru this by your Instructor. If not, get with them, for this link and the others here below.
  • RoboForm:  (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).  Pays 30{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} of  revenue share for all your sales.  This is the best password program to save your passwords. It is accessible from your Smartphone and Computers (both). This is a true helper in this World of multiple passwords. This is the same program Rory has been using for decades to keep up with everything online. We market it, and we use it both.
  • Computta: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER). This is BRAND NEW here at and this is a program, not only is it FREE, but it is a GEM of an Offer to promote and gain with.  Be sure to follow the information – and you will need your Referral Link to update the associated page(s) for this.  Get with your Instructor for any questions related to this.
  • COINBASE: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER).This is a Cryptocurrency Wallet. We will be utilizing 2 different wallets, and this is the first one, as well as a referral link that you will use in various offers. At a minimum, just get it set up. You can earn referrals even without personally funding this wallet. Further, the knowledge of how wallet’s function is ideal for the education we will be covering each week in our Tuesday Training Calls (see access numbers below).

And these (If they are not working, let your Instructor Know). These are in upgrades and development.

  • XCELTRIP: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER). This is also Cryptocurrency. Be sure to enroll as an IMP (Affiliate). We will be building this offer up throughout 2019 and into the future. When you enroll, be sure to have an image or photo of your Driver’s License ready to UPLOAD onto their application page.
  • SUFORIA: (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER). This is an amazing DISCOUNT program and app for Hotels and Work Space. Global program. Pays us incredible incentives for life on putting this out. Get the clients on – and we always get paid! Great HOTEL DEALS – just wait till you see it. We will be cross-marketing this all over.

Now, here is an incredible program. We call it the IBO or “Independent Business Office” program:

Get with your Instructor if this looks like a fit for you. Or contact Chloe at the email given in the Video Above.

From here, it is a matter of modifying your pages within your PBS to be your own “Authorship”. Suggested manner to do this includes:

  • Start with the Wine Ambassador Pages.
  • Then go to the Velovita Pages.
  • Then go from Top to Bottom of the Categories. Completing one Category at a time until you work all the way down to Travel.

Plus doing your Ad Posting, VMarketing, and more:

  • While you are Modifying your PBS Pages; it is also recommended that you begin posting ads and getting that Business Building Habit going. Consistency is important. Even if only 30 minutes a week.
  • Get into the VMarketing As Soon as your Instructor get you set up. And make this happen daily. 6 days a week minimum. This is consistency and pays off in big ways.
  • Then as you are ready, grow in understanding and resourcefulness as you graduate through the Level Program of understanding. While not everyone will want to be an Instructor, knowing the process allows you to assist in ways that are helpful. Some of our best Instructors came in through Students just doing the Vmarketing.

We are so excited to see you Succeed here with us!

From Session 2 it is all about getting set up with the IBO Program (If Qualified), and getting into Modifying your Pages, Posting Ads, Vmarketing, and Beyond.

You will be trained on the “Art of Performance Blogging” as you complete your Modifications to your Pages on your PBS.

Because your Brain is Amazing, you will be picking up the patterns to how we create “Offer Pages” for the promotion of any and all products we Market Online. Whether it is an Anchor, or a Kiosk.

Session 2 is where you gain access to your Kiosk Offers. These are not to be ignored, they represent many additional income streams. And add up. While the main focus of our advertising efforts focus on the relevancy of our Anchor Offers (because they work), we are proud of what is created in income with the Kiosks. As a result we just make more doing things according to the “System”. There is a method to it all.