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Angela Lee is the Creator of these. Networked and got tired of carrying that great big heavy purse. Phone, wallet, and great shade of lipstick.

“what if I put a pocket in my scarf” Passport, Wallet, Cash, everything you need. Bought a $20 sewing machine,had to get her mom to help. Built first rough prototype. Brother had a book pattent to profit. Went down the whole process on how to patent. Once pending, went to high end accessories show. Had a horrible booth, really sad. Had 6 samples, where the zippers didn’t work on half of her prototypes. The reaction was overwhelming. Had a huge book, passion and excitement.

Had something, but didn’t have a background in fashion or anything. A lot for her to learn. Just continued to build, expand products. Within the first year featured by travel channel, forbes named themost ingenious travel accessorry.

Is patented. Take pocket and folds up into themselves to make a clutch purse. All products have a product and are convertable. Wear around waist as a swimsuit coverup.

Neck Gator with a pocket. Fit tighter, since it to a beanie hat.

45 plus – WOMEN, decision makers and product buyer.

New fabrics all the time. Confetti. Wooly and soft. Cable knit.