We have an incredible program to share with you called SMSCASH. This is an APP that runs on your awesome Android Smartphone. It uses your available SMS/MMS messaging to help build a solution in sharing Marketing of Phenomenal

This is about using your “Smartphone” in a manner that a program that runs without harm to your account or use of your phone; yet creates a Stream of Income. And this is a way to offset, or even cover your “Costs” of your Smartphone all together. You can even see some profits.

WAIT! Lets go over the process. You download an app to your Smartphone. You run the App (and its specific TEXT/SMS application on your Phone. And it allows the Group to Message out and create Marketing funds to share with the Group.

What Steps We Suggest to do this THE EASIEST Way:

Get set up on your Smartphone (ANDROID ONLY) with a Crypto Payment Wallet and with SMSCASH. Apple Products are Sandboxed. So know that. All good, see “How To Maximize This Opportunity” below. Even Apple Phone Users can participate. Just not with your coveted iPhone. LOL.

  1. If you do not have a Account. Go Here and Set Up. Do this from your Smartphone. This is the easiest “Wallet” for use with this P2PCASH program to get your pay.
  2. Then go from your Smartphone “Web Browser” to and DOWNLOAD the AKI file. This is under BETA LAUNCH. So it is by invite only. And being that is the case, the only DOWNLOAD that works is the bottom most one.
  3. Then launch the SMSCASH app. And follow the steps to add your payment “Wallet” which should automatically connect to your CRYPTO.COM App that you will be paid thru.

Now its using this APP day to day and being a part of the Marketing Solution. Your ANDROID phone is now a CASH MACHINE with this program.

How To Maximize This Opportunity:

We know that there is always a need to generate more and more income. Because we all consume, and inflation is real; we just need ways to build more wealth. Those that can, win. Those that do not, usually need someone to teach them. Because those that know how, do. So here are some incredible ways to Maximize This Opportunity, including SMSCASH; but also what we here as the Community at have to share with you:

Regardless of you having an Android Phone or iPhone as your primary phone; you can still grow with this very SMSCASH Opportunity. You can get Android Phones for under $50 with a $10 or $15 a month Minimum Fee. They come with so many minutes of talk time (which you need 0 of for this) and they come with Unlimited Text. Or some may have limited, but enough to run the SMSCASH anyway! You can literally add your CRYPTO.COM account to each SMSCASH connection you make with each phone individually. Allowing you to run as many as you can. As Many as you and your family can. Once you see the Average Monthly Income from this Solution, you will be able to do the Math.

  • If they payout $50 a month, its ok. $50 one time investment, then $15 a month to make $50. $35 NET INCOME a month per phone. Times 10 is $350. Times 20 is $700, etc.
  • If it is $100 a month then it becomes $85 NET INCOME a month per phone. Times 10 is $850. Times 20 is $1700, etc.
  • We like to have fun. And indications show where it could be $150 a month. Or in this case with a $15 COST would be $135 NET INCOME a month per phone. Times 10 is $1350.00. Times 20 is $2700.00, etc.


See this is just one program we share with our Online Community here. There is so many more. We have ways to continue and create “Multiple Streams of Income”. And we would like to talk to you about it. Here are some highlights that we get to share with our Community Members looking to be a part of something Great:

We show you how to create 24-7 “Passive Income” using the Internet with a Proven Platform as created by the Author of this incredible book: Marketing Is Freedom. You get to become part of the RRR247 Community. And gain access to “Multiple Streams of Income” that includes constantly new released ways to participate in making income after income. It is a LEGACY BUSINESS that you can pass down to your kin!

  • We connect you with solutions that Pay out $750 a month. There are requirements, and only available in certain Countries and Locations. (Though growing all the time).
  • Global Reach. We have hundreds (and growing) Income Streams that span the Globe. You will be taught and given the means to Market it Globally with us.
  • So much more. If you want to be part of something, and be willing to learn and succeed; we need to talk. Simply REGISTER to the RIGHT into our EMAIL Alert System. And reply to us directly (reply to any email we send you) and we will get on and have a conversation. We will explain it and show you how it works.

Ready when you are.


You will be poured into. You will be invested into with time, money and more. But you are going to be expected to “Pay It Forward” to others. So if you are not okay with that, do not even connect with us.

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