TheWineAndDineShow; Welcome to the World’s Largest Dinner Party. As we have seen; the World can become a solitary place. Also, there are ways to gain access to social interaction without leaving your home.

This is where the use of Forums and Video Conferencing takes shape. And nothing brings people together like food and wine. Regardless of what you know about food; this is a great place to be. Furthermore, the wine knowledge and access to Member Priced Wines is incredible. Because we are a group of Foodies and Wine Loving “Snobs” we will never steer you wrong. fun for all Each and Every Wednesday

We literally have so much fun each Wednesday night with And everyone is welcome. Because we love the more the merrier. We are inviting the World. We have been looking for ways to increase the number of attendees. Get there 5 minutes early and pounce on a spot at what is a sure find for entertainment.

Recipes include appetizers, main courses, desserts and the odd occasional Surprise. Always shared with Members through the Facebook Group Pages. As well as by searching food and wine pairings.

Brats and Cheese. Is an example of a great pairing and features our Wagyu Beef Brats. Bonus value as a Member of the Wine Club.

Want to see a Simple Meal, check out Chinese Sundaes. This is about as American-Chinese as you can get food wise. Sure to blend well with a Chenin or Sauvignon Blanc.

These are just ones we did on the show. There are 3 to 4 each and every Wednesday. See you there!