Tuesday Call Updates are here. We have a lot of training here with RRR247. Our businesses are 24-7 and the Internet never sleeps. We are adding and growing things all the time.

It is important that you attend the trainings each Tuesday. Live is best. Because it is so important, Tanya and I attend them. Tuesdays, we get to deliver updates and “Awesomeness” Each and every Tuesday Night. We are building real incomes and multiple streams of income. We have a CIRCULAR process that WORKS. There are always things happening, being added, and making things even better all the time. This is covered on Tuesday Nights.

If you miss the Tuesday Night Calls, we post the recordings here.

There is a process here:

  • Get your PBS going. This will either be set up with your Instructor, or you will be assigned an Instructor once you get your PBS ordered.
  • Follow the Training as it is set up. It is a SYSTEM, not a SUGGESTION.
  • DO NOT EVER QUIT. This is not a get rich quick. It is a get rich SMART program.

If you have not set up your PBS, or you need to RESTART, here are you options to get going:

  • OPTION 1: Call us 877-310-5353 (Same as listed here on RRR247/ContactUs). We have instructors on the ready to get you going.
  • OPTION 2: Follow the steps to get a 1-on-1 Instructor on RRR247.com/support. This is where you can get connected with our Mentor Administration and be connected with an Instructor. Please allow for 48 hours to be assigned.
  • OPTION 3: Just get your PBS STARTED. This lets us know you are ready. Your PBS will be set up, you’ll be notified and contacted within 48 hours with your PBS and by your Instructor to get you going.
  • See the Information Video on PBS here: rrr247.com/keystone
  • Then enroll at https://rrr247.com/go or https://rrr247.com/go2

From the Time you Get Connected with your Instructor and have your PBS ready to go, we begin building.

  • Get you into the Education and Understanding of how awesome the PBS is for you. For you Future. For creating Multiple Streams of Income.
  • We get you connected with the very Processes and Systems that we are succeeding with. “IF YOU WANT WHAT WE HAVE, YOU NEED TO DO WHAT WE DO!”. This is by design. We have it all figured out. Get in, duplicate what we do, and win.
  • And – a key part of what we do is partnering with Google AdSense. This is an awesome income stream. We create several income streams. Some RRR247 Students have as many as 22 income payments a month coming in.

As an INSTRUCTOR, there are 3 Distinct Moments when you are Super Excited with your Student.

  1. When they see their future in the PBS, and get started. The Journey Begins.
  2. When they click in and see the power of the Anchor Offers and in what we have with the Circular Marketing and Connectivity of it all.
  3. When they complete the PBS WORK and learning, usually after they go off the farm a time or two and have to be brought back to the “SYSTEM” of it all. AND IT IS VERIFIED AS THEY GET GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL!!!!

I have had 2 Students/Instructors, Matthew A. Turner (This past Wednesday) and now Deanna Young today! They are in all the anchors, and are working with Students, giving hours daily to grow the income streams and PAY IT FORWARD.They both now have access to all INCOME streams, and have even more reason to POUND OUT EFFICIENCIES and work with all LEGS OF MARKETING to grow.Tanya Ricord and I are SO EXCITED – SO PROUD!!!And Priscilla Ashleigh be sure to add those 50 POINTS for DESTIN for Deanna Young.

Deanna Young. Her story of coming into the RRR247 Family.

She saw RRR247 and the processes work. She came to me directly as a referral from a friend. A friend who saw what we have working. A friend who was also a friend of Deanna’s who knew she needed an absolute solution that worked.

Today, Deanna is a top producer, MSI’ VIP Instructor, and is helping to make a better way of life through our program here with each of her students. She is also hands on to help in the way all our MSI’s help.

Because she jumped in, not only does she have an incredible way of life, but is helping to share the RRR247 Vision with Hundreds of Others. Thank you Deanna!