VASA Gym Membership Nightmares

When it comes to Gym Memberships, there is an incredible business model. With that model comes one of the most impossible Customer Relations issue. That is when you decide to cancel. This is where it gets incredibly difficult.

Be sure to SEND YOUR CANCELLATION in writing. They purposely do not allow the same people that sell you into the membership to handle your account after that. You will be referred to a non ending attempt to speak to someone that can supposedly cancel.

You will be frustrated, and may even leave a message with your full details, names, account number and cancellation request on their voicemail once, twice, or after each consecutive billing. This will never work.

You must send it in writing:

Here is their method for Cancellation that is never told to you by any employee. You have to SEARCH for this. And when you do this, should you continue to see charges, you will need to resubmit.

Lesson to be Learned:

A Vasa Gym Membership is intended for LIFE – or they will come after you. They not as bad as a Drug Gang relationship. You can get out; but it will cost you and will leave a scar on your credit and your anger for sure.

Should you leave messages after message; the one thing you can count on is that they will not cancel you out. They will send you to collections and they will get their skin from you. You will leave with a feeling of NEVER AGAIN. Buy home equipment and look for a better Gym Relationship that isn’t a life sentence with scars attached.

I get the Gym Membership business. We reference it often as a breakage model. You’ve seen Jan 2nd and seen no available space for you. Till Jan 10th anyway.

Vasa Fitness and the VASA Gym Membership Nightmares are real folks. I had to write this and share it. When in conversation, this is a common issue. How they stay in business is people being dragged into a scar given relationship. They (in my opinion) are narcissistical bullies in the Gym Business. Try them out, and see for yourself. Or better yet, find a better Gym with reputable end polices.

Avoid VASA Gym Membership Nightmares by going elsewhere and make sure you know how to cancel before you begin. VASA Gym Membership Nightmares happen because they make is so hard to leave them. They are the unflushables of Gyms. Furthermore, I have vented and said something. Someone needs to. Stand up and say enough. As a result of this article may it help others. Because I care, I want anyone to realize the situation beforehand.

Because I didn’t think it would be an issue; I never asked if they would make cancellation impossible. Furthermore the advice of the rep at the counter of the Gym I went too never said anything other than you need to call the office. Here is their number. Because they are employed, and should know; clearly they were directed a different way. Want a gift? See what is here in Bio-Hacking! So helpful for better Health.