Get ready to make an IMPACT as we welcome the Opportunity that is here with Velovita and the Velovita Timing (as in its the best time now – and only getting better as we share these incredible products)! We have the most incredible situation. Now to share it! Remember, it doesn’t matter how incredible your product or service is, you need to Market it. It will not sell itself.

We have the best Bio-Hacking Nootropic and Weight Loss / Sleep Solution Products EVER! Bio-Hack into happiness and goodness. Increased Brain Well-Being to allow for Mental Clarity, Mental Acuteness and so much more.

The Velovita Timing is “NOW”. We have the most incredible path in front of us. And the technologies to share and “Market” these bio-hack “Solutions” is here and ready.

  • Social Media
  • SMS/TEXT Marketing Systems
  • Sample Packs / Product that When Used Does the Heavy Lifting of Marketing by Results!

We will be utilizing these and other Direct and Indirect Methods of Marketing to take Velovita around the Globe.


Velovita Timing
  1. We utilize a SECURE CHAT PROGRAM for the Support and Delivery of the Leads. Please download it from your Google Play (Android) or Apple ITunes (iOS). There will be a Desktop Version due February 1, 2021. We will update this page at that time. This will become the Training and Support channel for these Leads and the Accountability for their use. Ongoing. For you, and your Team.
  2. Then you will need to review the training below. PLEASE WATCH IT NOW BEFORE GOING FORWARD. You will need to be ready to supply a CHAT message to Tytan through the PrimeOne Chat Program and will need to have a Google Doc connected Email Address. If you do not have one, you will be trained on it below and you can go to HERE to set up a free GMAIL Email Account to use for this.
  3. After you complete watching the training, please send an SMS TEXT from your Smartphone with the PrimeOne Chat program on it to: Tytan Ricord 801414-8589.
  4. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT TEXT TYTAN’S CELL OR CALL HIM DIRECTLY. He is a staff member of Rory and Tanya’s Lead Companies. He is directly in charge of delivering you leads through Google Docs, and giving you new leads as you work through your files. ALL COMMUNICATION with him needs to be through the PrimeOne Chat Program.
  5. Tytan Ricord will be managing your Leads and Verification you Are Working them prior to receiving more. As explained in the Training Video Below.
  6. Then as you build your Velovita Team, you will be able to direct your Team Members to this same process. Repeating this and allowing everyone you add to your Team to this Funded Lead Program to grow their Velovita Business!

When you get connected to TYTAN (Using the PrimeOne Chat Application):

Be sure send him the information for your Lead Account with us, you will be using Google Docs. Send him your:

  • Full name
  • Your Velovita ID number
  • Your email address (for use with GOOGLE DOCS).

He will not give you a lead file with out these items.

Then you need to set up a Lead Tracking and Follow Up System.

We only recommend using TRELLO. Please go here and using your Google Email Address register and set up your TRELLO Account. Please be sure to upload a profile photo. As you build a TEAM and grow this, it will help to identifying your Team and to Oversee and Help them to fine tune the Prospecting Flow.

If you are working with a Team Leader already, they will have added you to a TRELLO BOARD. Explanation Video:

If you are not working with a Team Leader, then STEP UP and become one. Here is a complete overview of that process, and how it works within TRELLO.

You will also need to be set up with GOOGLE VOICE AND/OR TEXTNOW or other similar programs. Here is an overview of this process:

VIDEOS TO BE ADDED AFTER LAUNCH JANUARY 4th. Rory will be running through the leads and in training sessions below:

Working through the Lead List in GOOGLE VOICE and TEXTNOW:


Working Responses.

Use the following Pages (Located here on as Reference Pages for this Process


What you need to do when you get a positive response. USE THIS PAGE AS A REFERENCE of things to respond with. The Goal is to get on the phone with them, and to conduct a BRT (Build Relationship and Trust) through a set process in a conversation. This is best done over the phone, and while entering details into their Trello Card.


The BRT should Go Like This:

Follow the BRT as explained here. It is not a formal SCRIPT. It is a process – and the order of doing it is important. Make it you, and easy for you to say, but do NOT change the order of the BRT. Please have the BRT DOCUMENT in front of you when you watch this Training Video.

To allow you more details on this, here is a comprehensive overview from Rory on how this Lead Program works and where you can go with it.