Wagyu Steaks and other Great Steaks

When it comes to Steak, Wagyu is amazing and something everyone should try at least once. Then you can look for it on those special Anniversaries, Birthdays or times when you want the Food to be as Amazing as the Celebrations’ Reason.

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Wagyu (simply meaning “Japanese Cattle”) steaks are prized worldwide for their astounding marbling, tenderness and juiciness. While the name “Kobe” is reserved exclusively for Wagyu cattle raised in region of Kobe, Japan – cattle raised in the US must be referred to as Wagyu or Kobe-Style. Better than even USDA Prime, these steaks are in a class of their own. Guaranteed to please even the most discriminating steak connoisseur, each luscious bite will literally melt in your mouth, as the marbling in a Wagyu steak begins to dissolves at a much lower temperature than common steaks. Order Wagyu today and taste a Distinguished Steak that Defines Excellence!

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From the best in Angus to Wagyu. You’ll find the most amazing and delicious cuts of Meat from this convenient and value priced home of fine meats and steaks. Get ready to impress and be impressed.

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