is a Scam is a Scam for several reasons. And is yet another Wealth Affiliate following a dishonest marketing system. It attacks any and all program they can with Fake News, Fake Reviews and then conveniently only supports their own dishonest way of marketing.

You have to wonder about your Core Integrity. If you are ok writing a Fake and Bias Review to only aim the person at the same dishonest program you are part of. Yeah, sounds amazing. Calling out programs that are legitimate as scams running your own scam. Yeah, you are a conman, conwoman, conperson. And you are wrong. is a Scam

She quotes: “I started this website to help newbies avoid scams and find legit opportunities.” Yet her entire business is scamming you to follow a Scam.

I am a huge fan and friend of the very people she is attacking. I have a long term relationship and proven success and witness to the great things they have done. Attacking them is attacking me. And this is disgusting. Mariem, you are 20 years old. And you are nothing more than a Scam Artist stealing traffic and getting in the way of honest people working hard to build up the “At Home” and “Independent Working” families around the Globe.

We are people spending Millions and Millions of dollars in infrastructure, foundations, marketing and so much more to create real opportunity. You are attacking us like all your Wealthy Affiliate Scam Artists that are guilty of the very thing they accuse honest people of doing.

Shame on you. is a Scam and you Mariem should be disgusted with yourself for even thinking this was at all okay to participate in.

I have submitted my comments. And I have stated to the World my disgust. Wealthy Affiliate and their “Dishonest Scam Artists” have been creating Fake News and Fake Reviews for years. The truth will always rise to the top, and those of us sick of lies and attacks on the good people helping to spread and create wealth need to stand up. Mariem – any dollar you make from your Scam is dishonest.

True Affiliate Marketing is representing Brands, Products, Services and connecting them with Customers. It is affiliating with great products and services. Not bashing them to sell others to bash other companies. Yes your program starts out free… but there are costs. There are upsells, and I have yet to in all my years of doing this (longer than the years Wealthy Affiliate has been around) seen anyone make money outside of being dishonest with Fake News and Fake Review.

How Do We Fight Back against the Scam of Scamming? Here is how:

Go to their Facebook Page Here. REPORT it as a SCAM PAGE. Cause it is. All they do is list FAKE NEWS and FAKE reviews. This is not ok. This is dishonest as the day is long.

Go to their Pinterest Here: Report as SPAM. They are only listing their Fake News and Fake Reports.

And if you can locate her, where she lives and her Social Media Pages (not the FAKE SCAM ones associated with is a Scam. Please join my ezine to the RIGHT, and message those details to me. They get to me directly. Our legal staff is looking for her. And there are a growing number of Businesses that support Hundreds of Thousands of People that are harmed by these Fake News, Fake and Biased “Affiliate Marketing Persons” and all with Wealth Affiliate.

We have already shut down their hosting accounts, and have lawsuits ranging around the world as dishonest people join in on the dishonest ways taught by their program. They cause damages by stealing the work and paid marketing of companies like mine building online. They are a cancer to the online messages of truth.

We need to protect it, and we need to utilize the laws of the land to do so. Report them. Complain to their hosting companies. They are not honest, and we have enough dishonesty in the World. We need to stand up against it. Period.

Even her FTC mandated Disclosures are LIES:

She has it state: (in between the —————— )


What about sponsored content?

I do not write sponsored posts. I want to bring you real, unbiased information.


However, if a post is sponsored by a company and it is a paid sponsorship, I will disclose this clearly in the beginning of the post.

Her information is nothing but UNBIASED information. 100{cce03c5dbb575a791c5193784a3c23e17ad556787ac3988d97080bc0a057defb} Biased. And in a way that attacks others to make her information seem legit somehow.

We do not need this TRASH out there on the Web. We need to speak up against Fake News and Fake Reviews. The damages are endless and we need to make sure the laws are followed and these Scam Artists pay. Thank you for your help in garbage clean up in our Internet!

OK… so I personally went to her website and posted a response. I have waited days and she will not post it. In fact I know that several have voiced their true opinions as to her false and biased fake news, fake review. So here is what I said and stated. Note that her so called non biased review is not posting any comments that she receives. How non biased it that?

I am sick of these fake, dishonest and lacking integrity wanna be “Affiliates Marketers” that only affiliate with dishonest tactics.

Mariem, I found this, and well its a bit much. I have been working with Kosta Gara since 2004. He is of the utmost integrity and puts so much in as a Servant Leader. He has created literally 37 and growing Millionaires and built some incredible things to support the sales industry. The Velovita Products are incredible and we were proud to add them to what we do. And the income has been INSANE!

You seem to be taking a very dishonest approach. One I have seen used against me to a failure as well. You attack and aim the direction to whatever you are in. And you come without merit. You are not an expert in creating success online, you have not been helping others to create success… and you are another protege of dishonest tactics.

Affiliate Marketing is AWESOME – we do it – and to say there are no costs is a FREAKING LIE. There are always costs and time in anything. And there is no GET RICH without spending time and money. There is a learning curve, there are expenses – some you know about, others that come up.

Wealthy Affiliate – yeah call, there are costs there as well. And outside this attempt of doing a VERY BIASED and pointed review attacking people that takes risks and build supporting others – you have NOTHING of value.

You will be around, get some articles up… gain maybe? Heck your fellow Wealthy Affiiates have been on the other end of my defamation and liable suits for years. Not seeing them much… seems their incomes from attacking honest working successful businesses isn’t enough to fight the legal battles they create.

Do you realize you are attempting to build an Affiliate Marketing program based upon attacking any other program and telling people you are an expert and to trust you to go with a program that really doesn’t do AFFILIATE marketing.

What products and services are you marketing in your Affiliate ways other than the very program that you are in that markets thru bashing everyone else in the name of a Review.

Have you tried Velovita’s Products? NOPE.
Have you joined and tried to build the business? NOPE.
Have you seen what the Company and its Core Values are about? NOPE.
Do you really care? NOPE.

Your review is fluff, biased to gain only in people following you verses following a Multi-Million Dollar Company that creates and services its growing customer base.

How many customers are you creating in your RECRUITING only agenda into Wealth Affiliate? What products and/or services (other than becoming another dishonest Wealth Affiliate) do you do?

I will be posting this and adding it for all to see in the way I do Affiliate Marketing. I am sure you will in covering up the truth not allow this post.

Prove me wrong.

-Rory Ricord
Proud Marketing Guru and Servant Leader building Affiliate Marketing Incomes for Tens of Thousands of Families around the Globe and counting. And someone willing to put himself out there to do it, regardless of the attacks Wealthy Affiliates (wealthy???) sends anyone’s way that is growing and trending. FAKE REVIEWS is FAKE NEWS folks. And if it is a Wealth Affiliate doing it, they are following a trained path to FAKE YOU OUT and then tell you that FAKING OUT OTHERS is the way to run business.