Food and Wine Pairings

This is where we get to really have some incredible fun with the Food and Wine Pairings we love. Not only that but we are going to share in the Food and Wine Pairings of our incredible Community.

Chinese Sundaes with Parables in White: This is going to be a fun meal experience for sure. A huge favorite dish that is perfect for feeding a small to large group. Fun food, and when you add it to the Parables in White, Chenin Blanc; get ready for an Event your mouth will cheer for. Enjoy it and get the details and recipe here:

Crepes and Wine: This was a fun show, and you will be seeing something we personally participated with. Because we cherish our Grandchildren more than anything; this does feature our Grandson Malak at 2 1/2 years old. And what you didn’t see was him eating 3/4ths of the eggs by himself. Incredible. This is going to show you some fun with Crepes and some Awesome Wine Pairing Ideas to go along with it. See the fun and gain the recipes and how to do it all here:

Merlot and Chocolate is Heaven: When it comes to pairing foods and wines, my absolute favorite is the Ricord Merlot paired with Dark Chocolate. I have devoted a lot of my life to sharing this delectable treat. It is, in my opinion, a food experience above all others. See more about this yumminess here:

We share Food and Wine Pairings LIVE and unrehearsed each and every Wednesday Night. Moreover; it is usually comical, and the food and wine do not let down. Grab your dinner, sit down and join us as we all eat and share great recipes, great wine and the best in Company.


Dates and Times: Every Wednesday Evening. 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 7:30pm CST / 8:30pm EST / 9:30pm AST

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Firstly; gain access to exclusive Member Rates. Secondly; drink the incredible Wines at the “Wine Product / Fake Wine” pricing. As a result we get to educate and share true fine wines with everyone we can. Furthermore, most do not realize that 85 percent of the Wines in the USA are really owned by one of 3 Conglomerates.

Be sure to VISIT our page here often. Register to the RIGHT to keep up to date as we launch more and more fun “TheWineAndDineShow” events. The recipes, the wine, and the way it is presented is pure entertainment. And who knows, maybe you’ll join us and share you recipes with Fine Wines too. Fun Times. Because no one should be without this much fun.