Work From Home with our Community

Work from home with our Community is where anyone that wants to truly succeed should be. When it comes to anything, doing it alone is difficult. There is never a better way of learning, doing and achieving than having someone that has already done it helping you. It is even more powerful when you have a Community that is succeeding already there to help you. Where the Core Values of everyone around you is there to support you and to help you win. No one should do it alone, and we have created the most incredible community to help all those that truly want it to succeed.

Let Me Introduce Myself:

My name is Rory Ricord. I was born and raised here in the United States, in the State of Utah. I have been blessed to be born in the land of the free, and fortunate to have been guided and connected with others that wanted my success as well. It was a gained community of mentors and others all wanting happiness, success, growth, and to help others. It has always been an environment of paying it forward.

I have found that I was unique in this. The more I met and interacted with others around the world, the more I realized there was a missing element to the world. People were not serving others, they were not paying it forward. They were not looking out for their neighbors.

Things that I was raised as normal, as “the way” was not the way for most everyone. As I built my fortunes and built my family and continued to grow, life found the path for me. I discovered my purpose.

Not only was I put into an environment that allowed me to thrive and to help others in doing so, I was given talents. God gives us all talents and while mine have absolutely nothing to do with music (if you ever hear me sing you will understand) he did bless me with a keen understanding of logic, math, computing and Marketing. I have always had a silver tongue, and the ability to hear and listen to what people needed. My environment of service and habits to look for ways to serve my neighbor and others has always kept me in line with having solutions.

I started professionally in 1989.

The creation of a way for you to Work From Home with our Community has been underway since this time. I have been building in a Community form, as that was my upbringing. My businesses always are about Community.

Forced Change is where Magic can Happen:

It is what we do and how we react that matters. One day in 2008, following a massive situation globally due to banking, mortgages, and corruption in many levels of men, there was a recession, depression and utter change of economics. It was called a Mortgage Bust, and it hurt a lot of people.

It was this time that 2 friends of mine came to me to learn what I did for a living, because unlike them, I was not destitute, and I was not going to lose everything I had. I was just fine, and in fact, doing well. Despite losing over a million in properties and even a million or (several more) in markets and unpaid balances from clients. Wow, writing this now; I actually have never covered this like I am here. Because with my mindset, talents and way of life, it didn’t matter. And I have always been able to create money and incomes from several things all the time. I had built it that way.

So yes, I was willing to help my friends who came to me.

I was going to show them how I did it and was so excited to get them going. So they showed up in my offices, we went into the conference room. I was so ready to show them how life would change. They brought their laptops as I had requested and I was going to have them follow along.

I got started, I went through things, and guess what… they didn’t get it. Not even a little. 3 hours later, and after a shared lunch, they were more distraught and defeated, and so was I. It did not go at all like I thought it would. And I failed. It was a hard night. I don’t take failure lightly… and I even obsess with it.

For years I had benefited from my talents and understandings. I HAD BENEFITTED. My family benefited. But that is really where it stopped. Sure, my clients benefited from the work I did for them, but I never took and shared my talents with others. And that is so far away from the learning and teachings I was raised with. And so the failure, the defeat I felt was deep.

I realized I had been shirking my talents, and doing selfish things with them. I was not sharing, I was not blessing others with what I had been given. And I always felt I was special in ways, and things came easy. Money always flowed my way, and I could get along with about everyone. My life really never sucked. Because I was raised with some principles to never quit, and to look for solutions I always figured things out. I was able to overcome so much, and help so many others in other ways, but not with my financial freedoms that I was enjoying.


Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep. So as always, I meditated, and I went into a deep prayer. And the answers and vision of what I needed to do came to me. It was about 6am the next day, and my wife Tanya was where I could talk. She knew I was upset, and it was the upset that I couldn’t talk to her about at the time. I had to sort it out. It was a very dark night, and it set up a course of action that created the very service to others I am in now.

I told my wife, who was my partner in all the business activities and the partner in life and raising the children and our family what had happened. I needed to ask her some serious pleadings in order to fulfill what I knew I had to do. We had had communications like this before, though for projects or new clients. I needed her to run the SHIP while I built something.

I needed to DIVE IN fully. And at all costs. I explained what had happened the day before, and that I needed to get it done. She asked how long, so she could make plans, changes, and get organized for it. Optimistically, and probably over confidently, I told her I needed 6 months. This is a lot to ask, and the previous record for time needed for any client to build was 4 months. And that was a killer. I was hoping to be overstating it, but after the defeat with my friends, I was sure it was going to be longer.

Four and 1/2 years, and funding it with our family financial assets:

I had been able to create the system. I had also gained others to share the vision and to be part of it. It grew into a community of successful people who shared in our core values and way of helping others. It created the RRR247 Community.

Work From Home with our Community – We have it all here now.

We can help those willing to accept the help and guidance to create a successful life. It is a System. Designed to allow the internet, a big computer program in itself to work for us. It is a way of life, habits, and mental understanding. It is mindset and a way of living a happy, over-abundant life. And we are globally growing and helping all we can.

I am looking for those that are looking for a better way. For those that want to change their environment and to most importantly pay it forward. We are not here to make it work for just us. We are here to make it work for everyone willing to open up their minds and accept the knowledge and truth behind what we do.

I would enjoy connecting with anyone looking to be helped. Anyone looking for that community of support to succeed. And not just to succeed a little, but in overwhelming amounts as service to others is incredible.

Please GO HERE to see how to connect with me. I will be available to those needing the help. When the Student is Ready, the Instructor will be there. We have a happy, thriving community ready to take you in.

When we say Work From Home with our Community, we mean it. Because of my life and what I have learned, you can gain from 32 years of experience. Plus, Tanya and I have ways to help you that are almost unbelievable. Come join us, but be ready to pay it forward. We require it. And your life will only be better from doing so.

Work From Home with our Community, I am ready when you are.